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35 Most Popular Celebrity Dog Names

October 16, 2018


35 Most Popular Celebrity Dog Names

Over the years, whether it is through movies or TV shows, there have been several memorable, lovable dogs audiences all over the world remember. It might be due to their personality, adorable appearances, or something else, but some dogs are more popular amongst celebrities than others.

The list below consists of a few names of celebrity dogs. The names will give you some ideas on what your favorite star might be calling their pet and give you further inspiration.


  1. Frankie – This is the name of supermodel Miranda Kerr’s Yorkshire terrier. It is definitely a catchy name that you can give to a dog. It is most befitting for a bulldog breed.
  2. Elvis – The name for the singer Pink’s Bulldog. It is an awesome name that also pays great tribute to the late legend Elvis Presley.
  3. Sunny – Oprah has a Cocker Spaniel, but she also has an English springer spaniel named Sunny.
  4. Tani – This is the name of Liam Hemsworth’s Pit Bull mix breed. This is quite the unique moniker to give to a pet. Short and sweet, it is definitely a nice name for a pet.
  5. Lola – This name is one of the more popular monikers on the list. The name Lola is supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s Maltese name.
  6. Honeychild – Nicole Richie’s Shih Tzu holds this unique name. There is no doubt that this is one of those names that make any person’s head turn.
  7. Lucky – One of Britney Spears’ song names, it is also the name of her beloved Chihuahu. She has been seen carrying around this dog everywhere
  8. Penny – The name of a French Bulldog owned by the famous John Legend and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen.
  9. Daisy – This is Jessica Simpson’s Maltese-Toy Poodle and is believed to have come into her arms during the shooting of her movie Daisy Dukes.
  10. Thurman Murman – Actress Rachael Bilson is known for her role in The OC, and much like her character on that show, the mixed breed was named something quirky and cute. Whether this is a reference to Uma Thurman the actress is unknown, but it appears to be quite funny.
  11. Oprah Winfree – This is the name of 50 Cent’s miniature Schnauzer. This is a great name that has a slight twist to it at the end.
  12. Baylor – This is the name of a Siberian husky mix dog owned by Selena Gomez. It is a unique name for a mix breed.
  13. Shadow – The name belongs to a Poodle Toy that Vanessa Hudgens owns. This is a catchy and unique name to give a Poodle.
  14. Atticus – This is the name of Jake Gyllenhaal’s German shepherd. It is a strong name that befits such a dog.
  15. Mocha – This name belongs to Hugh Jackman’s French Bull dog. It is a sweet name just like the sweet beverage it is named after.
  16. Pearl – This is the name of Pomeranian mix owned by Lea Michelle. It is a rare and precious dog to have.
  17. Bo and Sunny – These are the names of two Portuguese water dogs that belongs to the former president’s Barack Obama’s family.
  18. Poppy – This is one of the names of Sandra Bullock’s Chihuahua.
  19. Ruby – Sandra Bullock’s second Chihuahua has this name. It is also a popular female dog name that works with many lovable pets.
  20. Mimi LaRue – This is the name of Tori Spelling’s Pug. It is a sweet and unique name to give a dog.
  21. Indo – This name belongs to a Rottweiler that Will Smith owns. It is a very beautiful dog with a cute name.
  22. Foxy – Matthew McCaughey’s Australian cattle dog owns this name. It is a suitable name for a dog that is bred in Australia.
  23. Lupo – The name belongs to Black Cocker Spaniel. It also belongs to Kate Middleton and Prince William.
  24. Harley – This is the name of Kylie Jenner’s Italian Greyhound. This is an awesome name for a tough female dog due to the character from the DC Universe.
  25. Noodles – This is the name of Kelly Osbourne’s Pomeranian. It is certainly a unique and catchy name to give a dog.
  26. Dozer – This is the name of Natalie Coughlin’s American Bull dog.
  27. Bambi – This is the name of Paris Hilton’s adorable Chihuahua.
  28. Tinkerbell – Paris Hilton has another famous Chihuahua that has this name.
  29. Olympia – This name belongs to Tony Azevedo’s Pit bull mix. .
  30. Buddy – This is the interesting name of Bill Clinton’s Labrador. It is a simple name that works well with many Labrador breeds.
  31. Max and Freddie – These are two names that belong to Heidi Klum’s German Shepherds. She also has Pomeranian called Simba.
  32. Vincent – This is an interesting and unique name that belongs to Wiz Khalifa’s French Bull dog. Therefore, any music lovers or fans of Khalifa might want to think about using this.
  33. George – This is a name that belongs to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dog that is a Boxer. It is a simple human name that many dogs can use.
  34. Sammy – This is the name of Justin Bieber’s Papillion.
  35. Jinxy – Eva Longoria has a Maltese with this name. She also has a Pug with the name Oprah. These are two very unique name for dogs.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we all gravitate toward celebrities for whatever reason. People all over the world know them. Furthermore, through celebrities, we imagine what it might be to have it all: fame and fortune. Also, in that same way, we look to the types of clothes they wear, the food they drink, or the dogs they own. Everything they do is part of their intrigue and mystery. For that reason, if you are one of those people that love the celebrity culture, some of the names may be for you. Therefore, refer to the suggestions above for some ideas.


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