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40 Most Popular Alaskan Dog Names

Dog Names July 22, 2018
Alaskan Dog Names


40 Most Popular Alaskan Dog Names

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Alaskan Dog Names

It is not the most common thing to move or live in Alaska. With a population of 700,000, it can get quite cold and lonely at times. For those moments, it is always great to have a nice warm dog that is cuddled up to your side. Yet, any old puppy is not enough, nor is any name.

When stuck in the Alaskan weather, giving your dog an Alaskan dog name would be perfect for the wintry atmosphere. The names below are some suggestions of the more popular Alaskan dog names.

  1. Ataneq – Meaning king in Alaska, this is perfect for a dog that any dog owner considers to be a king among all hounds.
  2. Sweet – This name is self-explanatory and most suitable for a dog that has a disposition that is highly affectionate and sweet.
  3. Miska – Meaning little bear, this is an ideal name for any dog that has a thick coated fur suitable for the winter weather.
  4. Akira – This is a name that means intelligent and is no better than with a dog that has a strong level of intellect.
  5. Nao – A simple and short name to call your dog.
  6. Sesi – Meaning snow, this is ideal for a dog that loves to play in the snow. It is also great for a dog that has the appearance of a sheet of ice due to its white fur.
  7. Balto – An excellent name for hound, especially a white one.
  8. Kanook – Meaning spirit of the wolf, this is a unique Alaskan name. It is befitting for hounds that look very similar to a wolf, like the Siberian husky.
  9. Kaya – Meaning ‘stay and don’t go back,’ this might be a great command, but also a pretty name to give to a female dog.
  10. Suka – Alaskan for fast, this moniker goes well with a dog that has high agility and energy.
  11. Nilak – Meaning chipped ice, this is a sweet name to give a dog that lives on ice.
  12. Siku – Meaning ice in Alaskan, Siku is ideal for a dog that loves the cold.
  13. K’eyush – Meaning bear cub, this would be a sweet name to give to a small male dog who resembles a bear.
  14. Pamiiruq – Meaning ‘wags his tail,’ this is a suitable name for a dog that likes to do exactly that.
  15. Ulva – Meaning wolf in Alaskan, this is perfect for an Alaskan dog that resembles wolves.
  16. Kapik – Meaning coffee, this would best suit a dog whose fur has the same color as coffee.
  17. Desna – Meaning boss in Alaskan, this would be a bold name for a dog who remains the leader of the pack.
  18. Shila – Meaning flame, it can be given to a dog who has an aggressive character and is fierce.
  19. Shtiya – Meaning strength, it is a unique name to give a dog who is strong and resilient.
  20. Juno – The capital of Alaska is Juneau, a loved name to give dogs in Alaska and a suitable one to any dog.
  21. Homer – Meaning city, it s a common name given to dogs that gives you a cozy, homey feeling.
  22. Romeo – Referring to the character in the play Romeo and Juliet, it is a lovely name to give a dog that is caring and loveable.
  23. Hunter – This is a strong name for a skilled dog that knows how to survive in Alaska.
  24. Candy – Meaning something sweet is ideal for a female dog that is a darling to the family.
  25. Velvet – A name that invokes the feeling of something soft, smooth and silky. It can describe the fur of an Alaskan husky dog.
  26. Jezebel – Although this name reminds you of the beautiful lady in the Bible who sold out Solomon to the enemy, it is used to describe something cunning.
  27. Buddy – Meaning friend, this name is a great moniker for a dog that is loved by the family.
  28. Dream – Like being in a pleasant dream, the fur of a pure white Alaskan husky would be dreamy to look at.
  29. Max – A popular name for males is also a cute name to give a husky male dog.
  30. Rogue – Meaning disobedient and unprincipled, this can be given to a husky who doesn’t follow the rules.
  31. Misty – Something that is not clear, this can suit an Alaskan female dog whose fur is not pure white.
  32. Mickey – This refers to the cartoon character from Disney. It is a cool and cute name for a husky Alaskan dog who is playful and full of life.
  33. Nini – Meaning porcupine, this is a cute name for a small female husky.
  34. Cupun – Meaning coal, it can befit a dog with black fur.
  35. Akiak – This represents braveness and is a suitable moniker for a brave and courageous husky dog.
  36. Kima – Meaning candy, this is a befitting sweet name to give to a female Alaskan dog.
  37. Aanaq – Meaning mother, Aanaq s a perfect name for a female dog who is a good mother to its pups.
  38. Miki – Meaning little one, this is perfect for a small pup.
  39. Arrluk – Meaning killer whale, this name suits a fierce looking and dangerous Alaskan husky male dog.
  40. Qilaq – Meaning sky or heaven, this name suits any Alaskan dog whose ideal home is under the open sky.


Final Thoughts

Alaska may be cold, but it is beautiful in its own way. The cold sheets of ice and general white blanket of snow is charming. For frigid places like so, it always feels best to have a nice companion by your side. They should never be spent alone. With that being said, find the right dog breed for the Alaskan weather and/or name one of your pets after some of the Alaskan dog names above. This would be great in making you feel cozy and comfortable.


Adam first owned a Frenchie when he was 6 years old. Although he was a bit apprehensive to it, he later grew to love dogs, and has since gone onto reading everything about them. When he's not writing he loves watching Netflix while eating huge amounts of ice cream
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