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35 Badass Dog Names

Dog Names July 10, 2018
Badass Dog Names


35 Badass Dog Names

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Badass Dog Names

Yes, finding a dog that is small, cute and adorable can be great. But, so can owning a dog that is downright frightening and intimidating. Not only do tough looking dogs make great guard pets, the fact that their appearance and affectionate personalities don’t go hand in hand – that in itself can be charming.

Similar to the concept of tough, people consider bad ass to be any dog that won’t run away in a tense moment. Guardian dogs or hounds that stick up for their master regardless of the size of their opponent are badass. These types of dogs deserve a name that is suitable for their personality. Therefore, we suggest some of the names below.

  1. Goliath – The giant that terrified the Israelites in the Old Testament, can make a great name for a big no-nonsense dog.
  2. Fang – Like the name suggest, something sharp that bites, would suit a badass dog whose teeth look like fangs. It is a corny but cool name.
  3. Diesel – Van Diesel is a strong badass movie actor. This is a popular name given to dogs that are strong and fearless.
  4. Danger – It doesn’t get any more badass than the name itself suggests, a dog with this name is one to be avoided.
  5. Boss – A name that shows who is in charge of giving orders is a cool name for a dog that shows it’s in charge of its territory.
  6. Hercules – Refers to the divine hero from Greek mythology, a great name for a powerful male dog.
  7. Jesse James – Refers to the infamous American Outlaw, having a dog with such a name is very badass.
  8. King – Everyone worships and respects the King the ruler of all, what can be a better badass name than that.
  9. Nitro – Short for nitroglycerin which is a very highly explosive chemical, is a badass name for a dog that has a similar character of explosive tendencies.
  10. Rambo – Referring to the action character by Sylvester Stallone who kicks bad guys asses, this makes a perfect name for any dog that loves action.
  11. Riptide – A tide that opposes the other tides and gives rise to violent waves in the sea. This is a good moniker that suits any dog that likes to create havoc.
  12. Pyro – Short for pyromaniac, this is a sassy yet scary name for a dog that loves to run around.
  13. Viper – Associated with the deadly snakes that are quick beyond imagination, any dog that is fast as hell fits this name.
  14. T-Rex – This is the name of a giant and scary dinosaur that has great strength. It can be a badass name for a Dobermans.
  15. Butch – Butch Cassidy was the famous bank and train robber. This a great name for a dog that is daring, fearless and ultimately badass.
  16. Al Capone – This name refers to the famous mafia boss that was feared by even the police. It is a perfect name for dogs that have a tough, disobedient personality.
  17. Sing Sing – Although the name does not sound tough, it refers to New York’s maximum security state prison. This would be an ideal moniker for a guard dog.
  18. Stalin – Meaning man of steel in Hindu, this can refer to the Russian President Stalin Mussolini who ruled with an iron fist. This is a great moniker for a male dog with a tough exterior and intimidating look.
  19. Garvan – This means rough in Irish. This is also a male name that would be great for any male name with a rough coat.
  20. Samson – This name refers to the strongest man that has lived. It is great for a male dog that has a lot of wisdom, while also being strong.
  21. Loki – This is a Norse god and giant who was famous for playing tricks. It is a great and corny name for a mischievous dog.
  22. Atlas – Atlas refers to the titan from the Greek mythology who is said to carry the world on his back. Thus, this makes it a befitting moniker for a badass dog.
  23. Hera – The name of Zeus’s wife, Her is a vengeful queen of the Greek gods. This would fit a female badass dog.
  24. Ammo – Short for gun ammunition, would be a badass name for any dog that loves to run around as fast as a bullet. The name itself is simple but sounds tough.
  25. Rhino – An animal known for its toughness exterior and build. This makes a great name for a French Mastiff.
  26. Reaper – This name sounds very spooky and dark. This makes it a bad ass, scary name.
  27. Sniper – This refers to a skilled gunman with a deadly weapon. The name Sniper best suits a dog that stalks its prey.
  28. Champ – Short for champion, this is an ideal badass moniker for a brave and courageous dog.
  29. Crusher – This is a badass name simply by definition.
  30. Razor – This refers to a sharp object that can cut easily inflicting pain. Razor is a badass name for a dog or any pet for that matter.
  31. 2Pac – Referring to the famous gangster musician, it is a cool name for a cool badass dog.
  32. Outkast – This refers to a famous musician that a lot of artists consider ‘bad ass’ in terms of music. It also means a criminal wanted by the law. This is a badass name to give a dog that loves getting in trouble.
  33. Ozzie – Meaning strong in Hebrew, this a perfect moniker for a male dog.
  34. Amir –  Meaning powerful in Hebrew, this is a dog that should be powerful in appearance or personality.
  35. Hulk – This refers to the giant green superhero in comic books. It is a cool badass name for a dog.


Final Thoughts

Bad ass doesn’t necessarily mean they will go against us or rebel in nature. Often times, as we mentioned above, bad ass or tough looking dogs are some of the softest breeds out there. When looking for a clever bad ass name, this can stem from a desire to give a name that has ‘bad ass’ qualities. Whatever the case, the names we mention above help give a better direction for what to name your beloved pet.


Adam first owned a Frenchie when he was 6 years old. Although he was a bit apprehensive to it, he later grew to love dogs, and has since gone onto reading everything about them. When he's not writing he loves watching Netflix while eating huge amounts of ice cream
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