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Dog Names

Most Popular Bichon Frise Dog Names

November 19, 2019


Most Popular Bichon Frise Dog Names

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Bichon Frise is a small, fluffy white dog that has its roots from Belgium, hence its name. Considered a small dog breed, the name ‘Bichon’ essentially means small dog in French, and this is particularly true as these pups usually grow to be 23-28 cm tall.

Mainly coming in one color – white – these dogs can often be mistaken as poodles due to their curly, poofy hair. They are believed to have originated in Spain, but

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Male Dog Names

Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look or feel of the Bichon Frise.

  • Monty

A lovely name for the posh pooch, short for Montrose. This is a great name for your Bichon which is just a pure ball of love.

  • Bailey

Deriving from Bailiff, a person who collects on debts, it is a great name for a small pooch.

  • Rascal

A suitable name for your Bichon if he is a bit mischievous.

  • Duke

A royal title for your Bichon Frise. It’s best to name your dog Duke if he can follow simple commands.

  • Dulce

A Spanish word meaning sweets or candy, a name that describes the Bichon Frise’s overall look and feel.

  • Toby

From the name Tobias, this name has weight and serves as an interesting name to give to a small pup.

  • Skittles

This name is best suited for the energetic Bichon who seems like it is high on life.

  • Chipper

Bichons are known to have a positive energy.

  • Lucky

This is a popular dog name, and great to give to a dog that brings luck to your life.

  • Gizmo

The name comes from the movie Gremlins and is a bit unique for any male dog.

Female Dog Names

The list below tries to provide the best list of names that are befitting your Bichon Frise’s appearance or personality, but are specifically great for females.

  • Peppy

The American Kennel Club states the Bichon breed is peppy which means “lively and high-spirited”.

  • Polar

Sometimes this dog is up and at times, it can tire itself out leaving it lying around, hence this name describes its unique quality of seeming bi-polar

  • Bonnie

Derived from the Spanish word bonita which means pretty, it can be a good name to describe the Bichon’s attractive look.

  • Candy

The sweetest of all cute dog names and is a great choice for a small breed like the Bichon Frise.

  • Dandy

Dogs named with dandy seem to be sentimental, stylish, silly and lovable.  Is your Bichon dandy and loveable? Then this is a suitable name for your dog.

  • Cherie

The name means beloved, and is a classic Bichon name.

  • Sam

A super simple dog name for your Bichon Frise, and is best for dogs that are shy.

  • Corona

This name carries an air of sophistication and elegance.

  • Hiccup

This name is best for the Bichon that is full of life and energy.

  • Dana

Dana is the mythical Irish Goddess which makes this name quite unique and carries a noble vibe.

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Movie Dog Names

Naming your Bichon Frise after a character in a movie or a dog from a famous film is the best way to give a name that is fashionable, unique, and possibly recognizable by many.

  • Trusty

A name of the dog from Lady and the Tramp.

  • Pluto

The famous companion to Mickey Mouse.

  • Rajah

The name of Jasmine’s tiger from Aladdin.

  • Spotty

A name of a dog from 101 Dalmatians.

  • Lumiere

One of the characters from Beauty and the Beast.

  • Boris

Another name of a dog from Lady and the Tramp.

  • Squirt

This is the name of a character from Finding Nemo.

  • Sulley

The name of one of the main characters from from the animated film Cars.

  • Daschie

A unique name of a character from Lady and the Tramp.

  • Abu

The famous companion monkey from from Aladdin.

Appearance-Based Dog Names

One thing that many dog owners tend to do is name their dog after its appearance or personality.

  • Blizzard

One of many names that will describe the dog’s white fur.

  • Quartz

A name that defines the small size of this small dog breed.

  • Peony

A beautiful name that should be given to any small dog breed size, not only the Bichon Frise.

  • Nova

A suitable name that fits the explosive energy of a Bichon Frise dog.

  • Snowdrop

This name refers to both the small size (drop) and white fur (snow) of the Bichon Frise breed.

  • Cloudy

Sometimes the dog, with its white fur, can look like a cloud running around everywhere.

  • Comet

This is a name that is used to describe the speedy nature of the dog.

  • Opal

A name that can be used to describe the white coat this breed is famously known to have.

  • Golf Ball

From afar, the white Bichon Frise looks like a small white golf ball.

  • Jasmine

A cool name for any female dog that is high spirited.

  • Dove

A name for a dog that with all white coat.

Funny Dog Names

There is no doubt that some people don’t need to give their dog a super serious name that has some profound meaning.

  • Pixie

A silly name to give to a high spirited dog that is as small as the Bichon Frise.

  • Poppy

This is the name of a cute little dog. The name itself is quite funny to hear.

  • Uno

Meaning one, this is an adorable name for a dog that looks like the Bichon Frise.

  • Thimble

A funny name to give a dog, but also a reference to a small size.

  • Primrose

Another silly name to give to a small sized dog.

  • Roo

More than any reference, this name is just funny to hear.

  • Marshmallow

Referring to any dogs that are either pudgy, white, or small.

  • Maverick

This isn’t necessarily the funniest name to give, but it is rather straightforward for a dog that is quite high spirited.

  • Micro

Another poke at the size of the Bichon Frise, this name can be considered either cool or silly depending on the person.

  • Starlet

A ridiculous name to give to any dog, especially if it is female.

  • Sprout

A simple name to give to a small dog, but as a name itself, it is quite silly.

Famous Dog Names

The names below list out some famous dog names grabbed from history, film, TV, and/or simply through the sheer fact that they are the pet of a well-known celebrity.

  • Luath

This is the lovable dog from the book The Incredible Journey.

  • Teresa

From the film Must Like Dogs, this goes well with any female dog that is sweet.

  • Deputy

Based on the dog with the name Deputy Dawg, from the animated series Terrytoons.

  • Spunky

The name of the pet from the animated TV series Rocko’s Modern Life.

  • Brian

This is the name of the dog in the animated TV show Family Guy.

  • Porkchop

A name of a dog from the animated series Doug.

  • Alex

The Golden Retriever that served as the mascot for Stoh’s Beer.

  • Black Jack

The pet of famous U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Andromeda

A unique name for the dog The Parent Trap.

  • Jack

This is the name of dog in the the book Little House on the Prairie.

  • Mignon

A dog from the TV series Green Acres.

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