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Male And Female Dog Names For Pomeranians

Dog Names July 29, 2019


Male And Female Dog Names For Pomeranians

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Often called the Pom, the Pomeranian is a toy dog breed of the Spitz type and were originally bred in Europe, of the Pomerania region, hence its name. Having been owned by many rich figures and royal people, such as the Queen Victoria, these dogs have almost become synonymous with wealthy women. This may be due to the fact that they are easy to carry around and are extremely furry, fluffy, making them absolutely adorable.

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There are so many things to name your dog, especially something as cute and pint sized as the Pom. For that reason, we have provided a list below of 70 names, each within its own category. To give further inspiration to dog owners, it is important to check out the names that may fit your little Pomeranian dog breed.

Male Dog Names

Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look or feel of the Pomeranian.

  • Charlie

A classic name for a male dog.

  • Oscar

This is a popular choice for any dog owners.

  • Lucky

There is nothing sweeter than this name to give a small dog breed that is active.

  • Archibald

This may not be the most suitable name for a Pom, but is a popular choice for male dog names.

  • Joven

Meaning young in Spanish, this dog is definitely one that looks rather young.

  • Accord

As we’ve mentioned above, many Poms are well behaved but can be rather yappy.

  • Adonis

As many Poms are adored by their wealthy female owners, this dog might be just the right one.

  • Shadow

Considering Pom’s love to follow their owners around, this might work.

  • Axel

Meaning peace in Hebrew, the sound of this name fits your Pom’s personality.

  • Beckett

For the theatrical dog that is willing to wait for you seemingly forever, this dog is perfect but it is a bit funny to give to your male Pom.

Female Dog Names

The list below tries to provide the best list of names that are befitting your Pomeranian’s appearance or personality, but are specifically great for females.

  • Topaz

A unique name that has never been heard of, hence its consideration.

  • Olive

This name can describe the dog’s small olive-like size.

  • Paris

Paris Hilton was famously known for carrying around her Pom everywhere, which is why it might be worth naming your own Pom after her.

  • Tifa

A name of a character from a famous video game, it may reflect the beauty of the Pom.

  • Snow

While the Pomeranian is not as white as snow, it definitely looks as fluffy.

  • Peach

This can describe the Pomeranian’s overall peachy demeanor.

  • Sarabi

A unique exotic name that makes your Pom stand out.

  • Tasha

A somewhat Russian-esque feel that sort of fits a dog that loves to be spoiled.

  • Mireena

This is another unique name to give to your Pom.

  • Lily

A name that rather popular amongst female dog owners.

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Movie Dog Names

Naming your Pomeranian after a character in a movie or a dog from a famous film is the best way to give a name that is fashionable, unique, and possibly recognizable by many.

  • Einstein

The name of a dog from the film Back to the Future.

  • Bruno

This was the name of the dog from Cinderella.

  • Milo

The quirky and funny dog of Jim Carrey’s character from The Mask.

  • Reno

A name of the dog from the Top Dog.

  • Lady

This is one of the main characters name from the animated film Lady and the Tramp.

  • Chance

A name of one of the dogs from Homeward Bound.

  • Buddy

The name of the title role in the film Air Bud.

  • Baxter

A name of a dog from the film Anchorman.

  • Doogal

This name comes from the film The Magic Roundabout.

  • Boris

Yet another name of a dog from the film Lady and the Tramp.

Exotic Dog Names

These days it seems naming your dog and child something exotic is a great trend. Therefore, we had to include some of these words that may not be commonly known to provide some foreign variety.

  • Saundra

Meaning defender of mankind in Scottish.

  • Oban

In Yoruba it means King.

  • Zorana

In Sanskrit, this means acquiring strength.

  • Taze

In Turkish, this word means fresh or new.

  • Surayya

Meaning stars in constellation Taurus in Arabic.

  • Vasara

In Lithuanian, this word means summer.

  • Wagaye

Meaning price in Amharic.

  • Shingi

In Shona culture this means be strong.

  • Randeep

In Hindu, this means  outshines in battle.

  • Sol

In reference to solace, or sunshine.

Appearance-Based Dog Names

One thing that many dog owners tend to do is name their dog after its appearance or personality. There are a lot of factors to consider when examining what goes into a dog’s defining features, whether it’s their actions in itself or simply just the color of their coat and/or size of their body.

  • Tiny

A name that is in reference to its toy breed size.

  • Little

This name is perfect to describe the small size of its body.

  • Shorty

Another name that pokes fun at its size.

  • Squirt

Since this dog is a toy breed, when it moves around it truly deserves the name of squirt.

  • Peanut

With its light brown color and small size, it truly does remind people of a peanut.

  • Baby

This dog is always carried around like a baby.

  • Peewee

This is another name that refers to its small size.

  • Bitty

When it comes to appearance, it is impossible not to comment on its tiny size.

  • Munchkin

This is a funny name that can be used for any small dog breed.

  • Mini

A name that is befitting its miniature size.

Funny Dog Names

There is no doubt that some people don’t need to give their dog a super serious name that has some profound meaning. Some dog owners like to take it easy and simply name their dog after something silly or ridiculous.

  • Horatio

No real meaning, but just a cute and funny name.

  • Clifford

A name that doesn’t fit the small size of a Pom, which is why it is funny because it is contrasting.

  • T-Rex

Yappy and a bit aggressive, this name is not referring to its size but its ferociousness

  • Big

This name is hilarious because of how far off it is from the actual size of a Pom.

  • Button

A cute name for a small adorable dog.

  • Mustang

This is a slick name for a small wilddog.

  • White

Most Poms are never white so that is why this name is ridiculous and silly to give.

  • Old

Even if your Pom becomes old, compared to other dogs it is filled with a feisty attitude which is what makes this name hilarious.

  • Tiger

Much like a tiger, this dog can be rather loud when it is yapping away.

  • Pom Pom

Similar to the things that cheerleaders carry when cheering, the dog looks similar to that.

Famous Dog Names

The names below list out some famous dog names grabbed from history, film, TV, and/or simply through the sheer fact that they are the pet of a well-known celebrity.

  • Shiloh

The star and main attraction of the 1997 film Shiloh.

  • Pooka

This is the name of a sweet lady in the animated film Anastasia.

  • Adolph

From the film Ruthless People, this was the name of the character Sam’s dog.

  • Rover

This is the name of the dog from the comic strip Red and Rover.

  • Buddy

This was the name of the dog that was first trained guide dog in the US.

  • Trusty

One of the dogs in the 1955 Disney film Lady and the Tramp.

  • Buckles

The name of the title role in the comic strip Buckles.

  • Blanco

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s dog.

  • Bella

Arguably, the oldest dog that ever lived on the earth and one of the most popular dog names out there for female dogs.

  • Adjutant

This dog is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest dog to ever live.

The Pomeranian is a beautiful dog that will undoubtedly bring joy into your life. Its personality and appearance are unique in its own right and it is definitely certain that any dog owner that has this dog has their own will be delighted.


David was a dog trainer for 7 years before joining the team. he still does it part-time. When he's not working he loves going to the park with his two Jack Russell Terrier's Joe and Bells.
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