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100 Best Dog Names For Poodles

Dog Names October 5, 2018


100 Best Dog Names For Poodles

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Broken down into three different types – Standard, Toy, and Miniature – Poodles are highly intelligent and impressive dogs to have. Not only are they highly affectionate to their owners, with loyalty that never sways, but they make great show dogs. Beautiful in nature, their hairs can be styled in many ways, and for many years, owners have been displaying their Poodles at competitions and other various mediums to show off the beauty, intelligence, and skill.

To name such a talented dog is tough. It is no easy task. There are a myriad of choices. So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 70 names, divided into specific categories, hopefully making it much better for you to get inspiration for naming your Poodle.

Male Dog Names

Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look or feel of the Poodle.

Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look or feel of the Poodle.

  • Charley

This is the name of the Poodle owned by the author of the novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

  • Cale

This dog means sweet yet shy, and is great to give to obedient, well mannered dogs like the Poodle.

  • Domino

Meaning lord and master, it exemplifies the loyal, subservient relationship the Poodle provides its owner.

  • Frederic

Meaning peaceful and powerful ruler, this is great for any dog that exemplifies these qualities.

  • Henry

A name for the ruler of the estate, it is another noble name that is great for any dog that has such traits.

  • Gaston

This is the name of a man from Gascony, and is sort of a brutish name for something beautiful

  • Digger

Somewhat random and a bit self-explanatory, this name is great for any dog that loves to be active, especially those that can’t help but dig.

  • Loulou

Meaning famous warrior, this is a quaint name for any dog that is just as fierce and loyal as one.

  • Kyzer

Meaning legendary and very unique, this definitely is perfect for a undoubtedly unique dog like the Poodle.

  • Maurice

A word for moorish looking, or one with dark complexion, this name fits those Poodles with a bit darker fur.


Female Dog Names

The list below tries to provide the best list of names that are befitting your Poodle’s appearance or personality, but are specifically great for females.

  • Cleo

Derived from the name Cleopatra, this name is worthy of a marvelling dog like the Poodle.

  • Bella

A name that means beautiful and is worthy of a gorgeous dog like the Poodle.

  • Luna

Meaning moon, it is a delicate name for a graceful dog like the Poodle.

  • Armani

Much like the high-class, luxury brand, it is an ideal name for any dog owner that wants to give their female dog a sense of class, befitting its appearance.

  • Vicki

A popular dog name for many dog owners, especially those that have quite beautiful dogs.

  • Alice

Meaning truth and nobility, there is no better name to describe a Poodle.

  • Amore

A word for meaning love, this is beautiful and fitting for a dog that makes you feel loved.

  • Diva

Many Poodles can be seen as divas, and in that regard, this name is perfect.

  • Helena

Not to feed your Poodle too much ego, this name means shining one.

  • Sheba

A beautifully exotic name.

Movie Dog Names

Naming your Poodle after a character in a movie or a dog from a famous film is the best way to give a name that is fashionable, unique, and possibly recognizable by many.

  • Rin Tin Tin

From the movie, Rinty.

  • Sirius Black

This is a famous name that was adopted by many dog owners after the Harry Potter films came out.

  • Whiskey

From the movie Blade Runner 2049.

  • Zero

This is the ghost hound from the animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • Elvis

The name of the dog from the film Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead.

  • Rex

One of the dog’s names from the film Babe, a story about a lovable pig.

  • Frank

The talking pug from the movie Men in Black.

  • Hooch

A definite favorite amongst many dog owners after the release of the movie Turner & Hooch.

  • Hosehead

Another dog from the film Strange Brew.

  • Chance

One of the dogs names from the movie Homeward Bound.


Exotic Dog Names

These days it seems naming your dog and child something exotic is a great trend. Therefore, we had to include some of these words that may not be commonly known to provide some foreign variety.

  • Wu

A short name that is easy to say and it means martial or military in Chinese.

  • Chiyo

A Japanese word meaning eternal. It is great to give for a dog that you wish to have live for a long time.

  • Hana

Meaning flower in Japanese, it is definitely a good choice for

  • Kumiko

While this list contains a lot of Japanese words, it is mainly because they have such a nice ring to them. This word means companion child, which is great for companion dogs like the Poodle.

  • Nyoko

Meaning gem in Japanese, it describes the absolute precious quality that your Poodle has.

  • Yoshiko

Another Japanese word meaning good child, it is perfect for those obedient pets. 

  • Kumi

Japanese for braid or drawn together, it can be used to describe your Poodle’s furry hair.

  • Ping

The Chinese word for peaceful.

  • Shu

Meaning king and gentle, this is a great name to give your Poodle, as it is the very definition of these personality traits.

  • Jian: strong, healthy

Meaning strong and healthy in Chinese, it’s a good choice

Appearance-Based Dog Names

One thing that many dog owners tend to do is name their dog after its appearance or personality. There are a lot of factors to consider when examining what goes into a dog’s defining features, whether it’s their actions in itself or simply just the color of their coat and/or size of their body.

  • Alastair

Another name that fits the Poodle’s elegant appearance. It is meant to be given to a male Poodle.

  • Alette

This is a dog name that is great to give female Poodles.

  • Aspen

Many dog owners may associate this dog with the place of the same name. Maybe it is because there have been many sightings of European dog owners walking their dog here.


  • Jacques

This is a name befitting a male Poodle, since these dogs have long been associated with the French.

  • Lulu

Many Poodle dog owners have given their female Poodle this simple, yet beautiful name,

  • Wavy

This is the name of a dog that has curly, wavy hair.

  • Afro

Many claim that the dogs hair looks similar to an afro.

  • Chanel

The Toy Poodle is undoubtedly a dog that exudes elegance,so it is no wonder it should be named after the famous brand.

  • Curly

This is an obvious name for its appearance.

  • Victoria

Many people associate the Poodle breed in general as being part of the Victorian Era, hence, the name.


Funny Dog Names

There is no doubt that some people don’t need to give their dog a super serious name that has some profound meaning. Some dog owners like to take it easy and simply name their dog after something silly or ridiculous.

  • Snoopy

There is nothing more charming and hilarious than the lovable white dog, Snoopy.

  • White Fang

From Jack London’s book about a wild wolf dog.

  • Fritz

This is another name like Felix the Cat, where it is derived from a feline. However, it would be funny to give a dog a famous cat name.

  • El Dorado

For an adventure seeking dog.

  • Bullwinkle

This is named after the famous animated cartoon moose that everyone that grew up in the 90’s knows about.

  • Trix

This is another cereal brand, which would make a hilarious name for a dog, especially one like the Poodle.

  • Sprite

As everyone knows, this is the name of the famous soda. Another quirky name to give a dog, but even more befitting if it is for a small pet.

  • Macy

Not so much funny, but using brand names, it is interesting to give a dog this one.

  • Barkness

A play on the word ‘bark.’

  • Ozzy Pawsborne

Based off the famous artist Ozzy Osbourne.


Famous Dog Names

The names below list out some famous dog names grabbed from history, film, TV, and/or simply through the sheer fact that they are the pet of a well-known celebrity.

  • Snuppy

Named after the famous Afghan dog that is considered to be the first dog to ever  be cloned.

  • Trakr

An interesting name, but based off the dog that is known for rescuing the last survivor of the 9/11 WTC attacks.

  • Rover

This is the name of the dog from the film Rescued by Rover. It is also the first dog to ever be featured on a film.

  • Cinnamon

The name of the dog from the TV series The Big Bang Theory.

  • Balto

A famous sled dog that is known for delivering antitoxin all the way from Anchorage to Nome back in 1925.

  • Sandy

The name of the famous dog from the Broadway show Annie.

  • Wee Jock

The name of the Macbeth’s dog in the TV series Hamish Macbeth.

  • Terence

From the TV series EastEnders, it is the name of the dog of character Janine.

  • Snowy

As people may know from the famous Belgian comic book and animated TV series, this is the name of Tin Tin.

  • Roly

Another name of the dog from the TV show EastEnders.

The names above should help you get inspiration for what to name your beloved Poodle. Putting the right amount of time into naming your dog should be top priority, as your dog’s name will be something that you, your family, and your dog can live with for many years.


David was a dog trainer for 7 years before joining the team. he still does it part-time. When he's not working he loves going to the park with his two Jack Russell Terrier's Joe and Bells.
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