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Male And Female Toy Poodle Dog Names

Dog Names November 19, 2019

Male And Female Toy Poodle Dog Names

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The Toy Poodle is a type of Poodle breed. Quite intelligent in its own right, these small dogs are known for excelling in obedience competition and are filled with a ton of energy.

Coming in a wide range of colors, the Toy Poodle is an adorable, miniature version to the bigger Poodle breed, so it is great for any owner that wants to take them around places

There are a myriad of choices. So, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 70 names, divided into specific categories, hopefully making it much better for you to get inspiration for naming your tiny pup.

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Male Dog Names

Some of the names below are part of a list of popular male dog names, but also recommended monikers that fit the overall look or feel of the Toy Poodle.

  • Bacardi

A strong alcoholic drink that fills people with energy and invigorates them with life. What better way to describe the Toy Poodle?

  • Bronson

While this name might be rather brutish, somewhat different to the image of a Toy Poodle, it ultimately means ‘the brown haired one’s son,’ and in that way, it is quite fitting to your brown haired pup (only if your Toy Poodle’s fur is brown).

  • Ace

Another way of saying top notch, or in latin, ‘unity.’ This makes it perfect for a dog breed that is well considered top of the breeds.

  • Miles

Meaning ‘servant’ in Irish, it is a great and popular name for any male dog, especially one as cool as the Toy Poodle.

  • Basilio

This name means king in Spanish, and is perfect for a dog as elegant as the Toy Poodle.

  • Cedric

The name of a great battle leader, this is great to give a dog that stands at the forefront of everything.

  • Jackie

This can be used as both a male and female name, but it is particularly great for those energetic pups like the Toy Poodle.

  • Farrah

Meaning beautiful and pleasant, it is a good name to give a dog known for its beauty.

  • Lancelot

Toy Poodles are quite obedient when trained correctly, which makes the meaning for this name ‘land servant’ a perfect fit.

  • Mozart

A breed of the Poodle, these dogs are extremely intellectual, which is why this name is just right, since Mozart can be synonymous with genius.


Female Dog Names

The list below tries to provide the best list of names that are befitting your Toy Poodle’s appearance or personality, but are specifically great for females.

  • Lola

A very popular female name for dogs.

  • Margot

Meaning ‘pearl,’ this is a name that is fitting for your Toy Poodle that is precious to your heart.

  • Bella

Another beautiful female name that is given to many dogs. The popularity rose after the film Twilight.

  • Bambi

The name of the famous deer from the film of the same name.

  • Baby

Meaning little one, it is a sweet thing to call your beloved Toy Poodle.

  • April

The name of the month where spring hits, it is a great name for any dog that brings about that warm feeling that the season brings.

  • Coco

From the famous Coco Chanel, it is a name that has been imprinted as classy and elegant.

  • Mirabella

A beautiful name for a female that is admirable. It can also refer to the styling of the fur.

  • Pixie

A great name for small dog breeds such as the Toy Poodle.

  • Lady

From the film Lady and the Tramp, it is a great name to give a female dog and popular choice for that matter.

  • Misty

While there are many meanings, it can refer to the character in the Pokemon TV series – exemplifying cute, yet stern.


Movie Dog Names

Naming your Toy Poodle after a character in a movie or a dog from a famous film is the best way to give a name that is fashionable, unique, and possibly recognizable by many.

  • Daisy

The name of the dog from the films John Wick.

  • Baxter

Another dog name from the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

  • Perdita

From the film 101 Dalmatians, it is the name of one of the dogs.

  • Puffy

The name of the dog from the comedy film There’s Something About Mary.

  • Stitch

A name many have chosen to name their dogs after the film Lilo & Stitch came out.

  • Toto

This one may sound familiar, since it is the name of Dorothy’s dog of The Wizard of Oz..

  • Uggie

The name of the character from the movie The Artist.

  • Milo

The name of the funny dog with a personality and pet of Jim Carrey’s character from the Mask.

  • Miss Agnes

From the film Best in Show, it is the name of the dog.

  • Hercules

This is another great name for a strong dog, and is the name of the character from the film The Sandlot.

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Exotic Dog Names

These days it seems naming your dog something exotic is a great trend. Therefore, we had to include some of these words that may not be commonly known to provide some foreign variety.

  • Akiko

Meaning autumn child in Japanese, it is good for those dogs that love to play in leaves.

  • Gin

Meaning silvery in Japanese, it is an exotic name to give to your Toy Poodle with a white and greyish tone of hair.

  • Xiang

The word means to soar or lucky in Chinese, and can be applied to Toy Poodles that love to jump around.

  • Keiko

Another Japanese word for adored,and is also nice to say.

  • Chiyo

Meaning eternal in Japanese, it is a great name to bless your pet with eternal life.

  • Shika

While the meaning ‘door’ may not be much, it was included since the sound is rather catchy.

  • Yone

A Japanese word meaning ‘unknown,’ the name is a good choice for those mysterious Toy Poodles that act spontaneously.

  • Jai

Meaning good and fine in Chinese, this is perfect to describe the refined elegance of a Toy Poodle’s coat and look.

  • Bai

For those dogs that have a white coat of fur, it is a great name to pick since it means white in Chinese.

  • Hui

Meaning intelligent and wise in Chinese, this is perfect for those smart, obedient Toy Poodles.

Appearance-Based Dog Names

One thing that many dog owners tend to do is name their dog after its appearance or personality.

  • Bob

This is a name is refers more to the type of hair the dog has, and not referring to the simple English male name ‘Bob.’

  • Princess

A name that fits the princess-like look of the dog, especially the way it carries itself.

  • Aspen

A lot of times, many people have seen many Europeans walking their Toy Poodles around in the Aspens, which is why this name fits its appearance.

  • Lux

A name that depicts a sense of luxury, so it matches with the Toy Poodle’s appearance.

  • Effie

This name is a delicate one to give a dog with such an appearance.

  • Dinky

A name that fits the small size of the Toy Poodle.

  • Pixie

Another reference to the small size of this breed, this is a name that triggers thoughts of a fairy, which the Toy Poodle may look like at times.

  • Peewee

This is another name that refers to the small compact body of the Toy Poodle.

  • Bitsy

As many may be able to see by now from the list, most of the befitting names for the Toy Poodle refer to its tiny size. It is no different with this name.

  • Tinkerbell

Much like the cute fairy in Peter Pan, this dog’s beautiful wavy fur and its small size make people think of this name.

Funny Dog Names

There is no doubt that some people don’t need to give their dog a super serious name that has some profound meaning.

  • Lieutenant

A perfect choice to name a dog with a strong personality.

  • Ma Barker

A play on words to ‘bark,’ but also, referencing the notorious mother of several dogs, Kate ‘Ma’ Barker.

  • Han Solo

For any adventurous, handsome dogs and a great choice for Star Wars lovers.

  • Bruiser

This is a funny choice for small dog breeds. It is also the name of the dog from Legally Blonde.

  • Chex

The name of a brand of cereal, and another interesting name to give a dog.

  • Dew

Based from the drink, Mountain Dew, it it for those small dogs that have a lot of pep.

  • Dillard

A funny name to give to elegant-looking dogs like the Toy Poodle. It will undoubtedly give a dorky image to your dog however.

  • Hairy Pawter

As many may already know, it is a play on words to the famous wizard, Harry Potter.

  • Broseph

A combination of bro and Joseph, it is a ridiculous name to give a dog, but funny nonetheless.

  • Fabio

Derived from the famous Italian model that is on the covers of all those exotic novels – this is great for a dog that is seemingly conceited.

Famous Dog Names

The names below list out some famous dog names grabbed from history, film, TV, and/or simply through the sheer fact that they are the pet of a well-known celebrity.

  • Sinbad

The name of the dog that served as the US Coast Guard’s mascot.

  • Toto

A name that was given to the small dog from Wizard of Oz.

  • Sandy

The famous terrier dog that appeared in the Little Orphan Annie comics and TV shows.

  • Belka

The name of one of the dogs that returned from space on the Sputnik 5

  • Chloe

A famous pup from Beverly Hills.

  • Jofi

The famous dog of therapist and psychologist Sigmund Freud.

  • Wilfred

From the TV series Wilfred, this is the name of the character Sarah’s dog.

  • Sweetie

The name of the dog from the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

  • Pudsey

This is the name that packs a whole lot of talent, and is one of the contestants on Britain’s Got Talent 2012.

  • Pekkie

The black dog in the Flemish comic strip Jommeke.

The names above should help you get inspiration for what to name your beloved Toy Poodle. Putting the right amount of time into naming your dog should be top priority, as your dog’s name will be something that you, your family, and your dog can live with for many years.

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