Best Activities To Do With Your Pup

Behavior Resources December 22, 2023
Best Activities To Do With Your Pup
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Best Activities To Do With Your Pup

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Best Activities To Do With Your Pup

We have some new creative ideas for having some summertime fun if you plan on venturing out with your pup or need to plan an excursion together.

Continue reading if you want to make lasting memories in the sun with your dog that break up the typical routine in the best way possible.

Water Fun and Doggie Pools

Make a small pool for your dog. You can buy a small plastic kiddie pool or invest in a “dog pool,” such as this sturdy, foldable pool that is easy to set up and drain. Fill it with cool, fresh water every morning, and thoroughly clean it. If there is shade over the pool, the water will stay cooler all day.

Because there are so many different pool sizes to choose from, make sure you get the right one for your dog. If your dog enjoys “digging” in the water, choose a durable material. The nails of a dog may puncture the bottom or sides of an inflatable pool.

If your dog is a puppy, an older dog, or simply not very confident or steady on their paws in the water, never leave them alone in the pool, and do not overfill it.

Set up an oscillating yard sprinkler and let your dog run through and play in it to add more water fun to your dog’s outdoor play.

Take Your Pup on a Picnic

If you can’t find a restaurant that welcomes dogs on the patio, try a picnic instead. Bring a large enough blanket for you and your dog, and do not forget to bring some dog-safe foods for your pup to share.

Consider taking your dog for a long walk beforehand or exercising him, because he will be far more likely to relax while you eat.

When going on a picnic with your dog, make sure she has plenty of shade, cool water, pet-safe pest repellant, and someone to keep an eye on him.

Offer your Dog a Mat, Ice Pack or a Wet Towel.

When it is hot outside, consider giving your dog an ice pack, a cooling mat, or a wet towel to help them cool down.
Put an ice pack wrapped in a blanket in your dog’s bed or other resting place on a hot summer day to help it cool off and unwind.

Cooling mats can be filled with ice packs, cold tap water, or cooling gel that has been frozen overnight. They work best when laid on the ground for your dog to sit on.

Wet towels are most effective when wrapped around your dog or immersed in cool water. Even dogs with longer coats can enjoy this activity.

Set Up a Backyard Agility Course

If you have ever watched an agility trial, you will know that handlers guide their dogs through an obstacle course that includes jumps, teeter-totters, tunnels, balance beams, climbing structures, and so on. It is a competitive sport as well as a fun way for your dog to gain confidence, release energy, and stay focused while having fun.

You can also buy pre-made obstacles or build some simple ones out of PVC pipe and wood. To ensure your pup’s safety, keep the obstacles low and allow them to move at their own pace.


Using water sprinklers to keep your dog cool this summer can be entertaining for everyone. They connect to your garden hose and spray water into the air, creating a fun play area for your dog. Some like to use a sprinkler to cool a larger area by mounting it on top of a fence post.

Some dog sprinklers come in fun shapes like fire hydrants or paw prints, have a lower spray height, and are specifically designed for dogs. Otherwise, a standard garden sprinkler will suffice. Always be sure the water stream is not too powerful or intimidating to your dog when selecting a sprinkler for them.

Take Your Dog for a Swim in a Dog-Friendly Lake, Pool or Beach

Swimming with your dog is a great way to spend a relaxing outdoor activity together on a hot summer day. Taking your pup to a lake, beach, or pool can provide a great off-leash exercise activity.

Even if your puppy or senior dog has joint problems, this activity will be easier than the others mentioned. Because water provides natural resistance to activities such as swimming and wading,.

Many beaches across the country allow pets, some during the day and others only during certain seasons. At the beach, always use pet-friendly sunscreen and keep a close eye on your pup. Obey leash laws, too.

If you live on or visit the west coast, you probably know that Huntington Beach is one of the best stretches of sand in America for surfers, but it turns out that it is also great for your dog.

Cannon Beach, in northwest Oregon, is an ideal location for a day of adventure with your four-legged best friend. Dogs are permitted on the beach as long as they are on a leash.

Wildwood Dog Beach, in the town of Wildwood, New Jersey, has everything a pup could want for a fun day at the beach.

Visit Dog-Friendly Wineries and Breweries

Many wineries that accept pets provide socially separated air-conditioned comfort or breezy outdoor seating.

One of our favorite pet-friendly wineries on the east coast includes Working Dog Winery in New Jersey and Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia. Affectionately known as PAW by the locals, Pinellas Ale Works in St. Petersburg, Florida, caters to pups and their parents.

Not everyone enjoys wine, and you may want to branch out. Pet-friendly breweries are extremely popular and show no signs of abating. While dog parents enjoy craft beer, their dogs can enjoy the sights and sounds in a fun environment.

Go on a Dog-Friendly Vacation

A growing number of establishments not only allow but also welcome pets. A trip with your dog may necessitate a little extra pre-trip planning in terms of finding pup-friendly rest stops and hotels, but the benefits can be well worth it.

Some dog-friendly hotel chains, such as Red Roof and Kimpton, do not charge pet fees; however, if your hotel does, consider what the cost of pet boarding or a pet sitter would be.

Go Fishing With Your Dog

Dogs who enjoy the great outdoors and being with their pack will have a great time fishing in the shade. Whether on the boat or on land, make sure your dog is having fun and not just soaking up the rays.

Close the tackle box to keep hooks from getting stuck in your dog’s paws. Experienced fishing dogs understand to stay out of the way of the pole and tackle, but younger puppies will require positive reinforcement training.

You do not want your pup to bark at the fish, other dogs, or people, because fishing is a quiet sport in which people and pets do not shout or yell. The fish will get scared away if there is noise.

Take Your Pup Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

We all have those friends who post pictures of their pup chilling in a kayak or on a stand-up paddle board. If your dog is comfortable around water, you can give it a try too.

It takes some practice to get your dog comfortable on the board or in a kayak. You may want to practice in calm water to teach your dog to stay calm as you paddle.

However, with time and persistence, your dog may come to enjoy floating across calm waters with you.

Most likely, life jackets are required for any water sport that takes place on, near, or in the water.

Check Out a Drive-In Movie

We strongly advise you to investigate whether any drive-in theaters in your area allow well-behaved dogs. This is a fun, affordable way to spend a night with your furry friend.

It’s always a good time to get away from all technology, spend a night under the stars, eat goodies, and watch movies with your pup.

And Always Provide Lots of Cold Water

Whether you are relaxing in your backyard or at the beach, you should always have plenty of fresh, cold water on hand for your dog.

Before going on an adventure, fill and freeze a dog bowl or a sturdy container with water. The frozen water can then be replenished with more water. Meanwhile, the ice at the bottom will slowly melt, keeping the water at the top cool.

The most important thing is to have enough water around the house or with you on your journey.

Always keep frozen dog treats on hand, such as frozen Lickimats, Kongs, or ice cubes, as well as small amounts of water. On a hot day, you can give these to your dog every 15 to 20 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Spending quality time with your dog helps build trust and strengthen your bond. As a result, treat your dog to some outdoor fun and quality time by participating in activities together.

You are the best judge of your dog’s personality, so consider how you and your pup can spend your time together.


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