Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

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Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool
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Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

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Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

Help your pup cool off in the water in a fun and refreshing way during the summer heat. Water toys keep dogs cool and hydrated, in addition to giving them exercise and mental stimulation.

If your dog is not a swimmer, there are plenty of toys for outside the pool. It is important to choose the right kind of water toy for your dog’s personality and keep them safe.

In this article, we will help you keep your dog cool this summer and show you our favorite water toys for your canine friend.

Doggie Pool

With the help of a foldable and portable dog pool, your dog can cool off in style. These pools are made of tough, anti-scratch PVC material, have a non-slip bottom, and are easy to drain. They are extremely durable and come in many different sizes, so you can pick one according to the size of your dog.

All in all, it’s absolutely perfect for those warm days out in the backyard! Check out the Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool which is available in several colors and 7 sizes.

Cool Treats

Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

During the sweltering summer months, ice toys are a fantastic way to keep your dog cool and his mouth entertained. These toy treats are made to be frozen after being filled with water, giving your dog a fun, icy treat. These ” pupscicles” can be made in cute shapes by using silicone trays like FineGood Puppy Dog Paw & Bone Shaped Ice Cube Trays.

Keep an eye out for the recipes, as we will be making a ton of frozen treats for the dogs this summer. Make sure to use ingredients that are safe for dogs to consume when making ice toys for your pup. Prior to making any homemade treats, it is important to do your research because some dogs tend to have allergies or sensitivities to particular ingredients.

Dog  Splash Pads

Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

Splash pads for dogs are yet another excellent summertime cooling option for your dog. Basically, these are big mats that are intended to be set on the ground and attached to a hose. Your dog can have fun on the pad when water sprays out of the bottom. If you have a dog that enjoys playing in the water but may not enjoy jumping into a pool, splash pads are a great alternative.

Similar to dog pools, it is important to choose the appropriate size splash pad for your pup. Be sure that your dog has a lot of room to move around freely on the splash pad. Additionally, you want to make sure that the splash pad’s materials are strong and will not be easily damaged by dog teeth or toenails. 


Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

Using water sprinklers to keep your dog cool this summer can be fun for all. They connect right to your garden hose and spray water up in the air, making a fun play area for your dog to run through. Some like to use a sprinkler to cool a larger area by mounting it on top of a fence post.

Some dog sprinklers have fun shapes like fire hydrants or paw prints, a lower spray height, and are made especially for dogs. Otherwise, a regular garden sprinkler like Joeys Sprinkler works fine.

Always be sure the water stream is not too powerful or intimidating to your dog when selecting a sprinkler for them. 

Dog Cooling Vest

A dog cooling vest has a layered design and is intended to keep your dog cool when temperatures rise. While the middle layer absorbs and stores water for evaporation, the outer layer reflects heat and promotes evaporation. DOGZSTUFF Dog Cooling Vest is a popular choice and comes in many sizes.

These vests offer full UV body protection from the hot sun of summer. It also absorbs and draws the excess heat out of your dog, so he doesn’t have to work as hard to pant to cool his body down.

Dog Pool Float

Best Water Toys To Keep Your Dog Cool

Make sure your furry friend has everything he needs to succeed once the thrill of diving into the pool has worn off and it is time to unwind. A dog pool float can be a great idea for your pup, but be sure and keep his claws trimmed just in case. The PAWCHIE Dog Pool Float is a good one, but it doesn’t accommodate larger dogs. 

Elevated Dog Bed

Due to their natural insulation, dogs thrive in cooler climates. In contrast, their coats trap heat all day during the warmer months. To prevent your dog from overheating or lying on hot pavement, consider an elevated bed.

These beds can be used indoors or outdoors while offering ventilation from all sides. This Bedsure Large Elevated Cooling Dog Bed is a favorite.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

In addition to water toys, there are additional ways to keep your dog cool when it is too hot for play time.

 Always Carry Water With You

Always keep a small plastic container with you when walking your pup. Keeping cold water in a container with a lid makes it easy to offer it to your dog without having to pour from a bottle.

However, collapsible dog bowls and carrying a water bottle separately are preferred by some dog owners.

Even if it is still early in the morning and the temperature has not risen, anything can happen while you are out for a walk. It is possible that something unforeseen will happen, keeping you out much longer than anticipated. Being prepared with water is always a good precaution when you leave the house with your dog. It is also a good idea to bring a bottle of water for yourself.

Keep Your Dog Indoors

In the summer, your pup will feel most at home indoors. Give him a comfortable open crate or bed so he has somewhere to call his own. Keep it away from the TV and windows and in a quiet area of the room, like the corner. This will help him feel relaxed.

Of course, he will probably want to be close to you when you are home, so consider keeping his bed in the room where you spend the most time.

Spray Your Dog With Cool Water

A spray bottle filled with cool water can be nice if your dog doesn’t mind. Spray the underside of his body that’s not exposed to the sun (like the groin area, where the hair is less dense), the bottoms of his feet, and even the inside of his mouth.

Final Thoughts

It can get very hot during the summer, so if your dog enjoys being outside, you will need to take extra precautions to keep him cool and hydrated. There are many great ways to regulate your pup’s body temperature and keep him comfortably cool while protecting him from damaging UV rays and heat. The toys and items we covered in this article will make your dog’s summertime adventures safe and enjoyable.


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