Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog
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Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog

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Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Dogs are intelligent animals that have the ability to learn a variety of fun tricks. Teaching your dog tricks is also a great way to bond and make sure he is getting enough exercise. It also provides mental stimulation, which helps reduce boredom, anxiety, and destructive behaviors.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular tricks to teach your dog and the best way to do so.

 Is it Hard to Teach a Dog Tricks?

It is not necessarily difficult to teach your dog tricks, but it does take patience and consistency. Depending on the breed of your dog, some may be quicker to learn than others, picking up commands easily. 

Clicker training is one of the most popular methods for teaching your dog tricks. Using a clicker sound paired with treats, your pup can learn to associate certain behaviors with rewards. 

Additionally, positive reinforcement should be used when teaching your dog tricks. By providing treats or verbal praise each time they complete a task successfully, your pup will be encouraged to learn it faster. 

It’s important to keep training sessions short and stick to one trick at a time. Giving clear instructions and being patient are essential for successful dog training. Also, controlling distractions will help your dog focus on the given tasks during training sessions instead of being distracted by noises or other animals in their environment.

Some Fun Tricks To Teach Your Dog


One of the most basic tricks is training your dog to “sit.” Start by positioning yourself in front of your dog with a treat in one hand so that it’s visible but out of reach. After saying “sit” in an authoritative voice, slowly raise the treat above your pup’s head until their rear end slowly lowers to the ground. As soon as their bottom touches the floor, offer verbal praise and give them the treat. With practice, this trick will become second nature for your dog!


You can train your dog to shake hands for fun. Start by having him sit while you gently grasp their paw in one hand while offering a treat in the other. Once you have his paw firmly held, say “shake” and provide gentle pressure until he offers resistance by lifting their paw up slightly before letting go and providing verbal praise along with the treat reward. Be patient and practice consistently, and your dog will be greeting everyone with a paw shake.

Play Dead

One trick that is sure to get some laughs from friends and family members is teaching your dog to play dead. To teach this trick, have your pup lie down on his side when you give the command. Next, bring a treat close to their nose and slowly move it away from their body toward the ground while saying “bang” or another fitting cue word. As your puppy follows the treat with his eyes, he should eventually roll over onto his back. When he does this, reward him with praise, pets, and a treat. With enough practice, he should be able to play dead when given the chosen command.

Hide and Seek

A great interactive game for dogs to play with their owners is hide and seek. Start by having someone hold your pup in one room while you hide in another room of the house. Once you have hidden yourself well, have the person holding your dog release him and allow him to search for you! When your dog finds you, make sure to reward him with lots of praise and treats! This game will help your pup develop problem-solving skills as well as promote an even stronger bond between you and your dog.


One trick you can teach your canine friend is to kiss, if you don’t mind a doggie lick. Begin by having him sit or lay down in front of you with a treat in hand. Say ‘kiss’ as you move the treat towards his nose, then say ‘good kiss’ once he licks it off your hand. Reward him with the treat and with praise for doing such a good job. After practicing this several times, your pup should be able to kiss on command!


A trick that may take some extra time is teaching your pup to speak or bark on command. To start, ask him to sit or lay down in front of you with a treat in his line of sight. When he barks, which he likely will do when trying to get at the tasty treat, say “speak” or “bark” and reward him with the treat right away. Repeat this numerous times until your pup understands what you want him to do, and offer him plenty of praise along the way.

Roll Over

Another fun trick is teaching your furry friend to roll over. Begin by having him lie on his side with one arm extended forward, as if reaching for something directly in front of him. Hold a treat just beyond his reach so that he has to rotate onto his back to get it. This should encourage a rolling action from side-to-side. As soon as your pup rolls over completely onto their back, offer verbal praise along with the promised treat reward before asking him to come back into a sitting position before starting all over again.


The last trick we will discuss is begging, which some dog owners find adorable. Start by having your pup jump up onto his back legs while holding a treat close to his chest. As soon as he stands up tall on his hind legs (even if just for a few seconds), give him lots of praise and reward them with their favorite treat. Repeat this multiple times until he becomes comfortable standing on his own two feet for an extended amount of time. Be sure to focus on rewarding him, even if he only stands for short bits, so that he learns that the effort leads to a yummy treat. 

Benefits of Teaching Your Dog Tricks

There are many benefits to teaching your dog tricks. It can help strengthen the bond between you and your pup, as well as increase his obedience and intelligence. It also provides mental stimulation for your dog and keeps him active. Additionally, it gives your dog something to do when he is bored or feeling lonely. Don’t forget that teaching a trick is a great way to show off your dog’s impressive skills to your friends.

Final Thoughts 

Teaching your pup fun tricks can enhance both yours and your dog’s lives dramatically. By playing together, your dog will feel loved while strengthening coordination skills, supporting healthy physical activity levels, and impressing your friends. Remember, it is best to always start small by teaching one trick at a time, using clear commands, rewarding success often, and practicing patience.

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