Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The COVID-19 Crisis

October 6, 2021

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During The COVID-19 Crisis

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The recent health crisis has people all over the world staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though health precautions recommend against large social gatherings, you don’t have to feel like you’re completely alone – you still have your pets. In fact, your pets are probably loving the fact that you have plenty of extra time to spend with them.

As wonderful as it is to spend more quality time with your furry friends, you are right to be concerned for their health and safety during this time. There is no evidence that pets can contract or transmit COVID-19, but the current crisis is sure to affect their lives in other ways.

Keeping A Supply Of Food And Medications

Though many pet stores remain open during the current crisis, it’s a good idea to avoid leaving the house if you can help it.

Making a single trip or ordering online to stock a supply of your dog’s food and medication for at least 14 days is always a good idea. Another option is to try a fresh food subscription service like Ollie that sends regular deliveries of fresh pet food right to your door.

Practicing Social Distancing On Walks

Unless you’ve been directly exposed to the virus and are under quarantine, you probably have some freedom to leave your home as long as you practice social distancing.

Taking your dog for a walk around the block is perfectly safe and it can give you both a break from the monotony of being indoors. If you come across another person walking their dog, be sure to maintain six feet of distance and avoid any form of direct contact.

Keeping Your Dog Active Indoors

Many people find themselves working from home during the current crisis which is every dog’s dream – having their owner come all the time.

It can be difficult to make the adjustment in the midst of distraction, but you’ll soon fall into a routine. Take frequent breaks to play with your dog to keep him active and consider interactive toys or long-lasting dog chews to keep him occupied. It might even be the perfect time to brush up on training or to teach him a few new tricks.

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Clean And Disinfect Surfaces

In addition to washing your hands often, you should take steps to clean and disinfect the surfaces in your home. Don’t forget to disinfect the objects you touch throughout the day as well – your phone, the remote control, your water bottle.

Avoid touching your nose, face, and mouth as much as you can. Coronavirus can remain on surfaces for up to 9 days, so keep cleaning.

The ASPCA says a pet’s best line of defense is a well-prepared owner, so it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to make sure your pet is cared for.

As the situation develops, it is also important to take social distancing recommendations seriously for the health and safety of others. Enjoy the extra time you have with your pet and do everything you can to keep your family safe and well.

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