Dog Brush

Best Dog Brush for Boxers

January 3, 2019 Dog Brush 0 Comments

[sc name="Best Dog Brush for Boxers"] Boxers are large, powerfully-built, square-headed dogs developed in Germany. This breed is a part of the Molosser group, a collective type of...

Best Dog Brush for Labs

September 12, 2018 Dog Brush 0 Comments

Different canine breeds come with different type of coats or hair in terms of color, denseness, mildness. Since a dog’s coat is what defines its overall appearance, it’s...

Corgi dog

Best Dog Brushes For Corgis

September 9, 2018 Dog Brush 0 Comments

Corgis are small breed pups that are absolutely adorable with their stout legs, smiley faces, and affectionate temperament. Bred to herd cattle and horses (which is quite surprisingly,...