10 Tips for New Puppy Owners

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Tips for New Puppy Owners



10 Tips for New Puppy Owners

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Tips for New Puppy Owners

Puppies. Who doesn’t love them? We all know that ecstatic feeling one has when they bring home a new, precious pup.

Managing new puppies can be a challenge, especially for new owners. It is perfectly natural to lack knowledge and experience if you are a new owner. Even experienced dog keepers miss out on many of the important steps.

This article will offer you some important tips as a new puppy owner. So, without further delay, let’s dive right into the tips.

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for the New Puppy

Make sure your new pup doesn’t get access to anything harmful. There might be tons of seemingly harmless things in your home. But some of those items may turn out to be lethal for dogs.

Shift those items out of your future puppy’s reach. Harmful objects include toxic materials, plants, electric wiring without protection and so on.

A new, active puppy will just do about anything as it gets to know its new home. Make sure you provide plenty of safe items and toys for your pet to chew on.

Also, you should consider moving some daily objects to a safer place. You do not want your puppy to chew on your favorite pair of sneakers.

Visit a Vet with Your New Canine Friend

The first two weeks of bringing home a new doggo are an important phase. You should consult a vet during this time. The Vets say it’s of high importance to consult with your pet care provider, who will give you a rough knowledge of vaccinations and potential diseases.

He will also examine your puppy to see if everything’s okay. It is recommended not to take the puppy outside before vaccination.

Socialize Your Puppy

You should start the process before your puppy is older than three months. After that age, it becomes very hard to socialize your puppy with new surroundings.

The earlier you socialize your little friend, the more active and friendlier they’ll grow up to be.

Regular Exercise is a Must

This need not be too complicated. Just go out for a walk around the neighborhood park with your puppy.

Exercising on a regular basis ensures that your puppy is physically fit. This will easily prevent problems like disease. Regular exercise also keeps the puppy mentally happy.

Next Step: Housebreaking

This step requires a lot of time and labor. But with the right method and proper diligence, it can be done effectively.

Expect your puppy to poop or urinate every two hours. This means you have to take them out six times a day, if necessary. This is true, especially after your little pooch has eaten a meal.

But not everyone has so much time. For the busy owners out there, keep your pup enclosed in a small area of your house. You can also consider crate training.

Get the Right Information

The internet can be full of misleading and confusing information. So, it is best to consult a vet in case your pooch is facing any problems. A vet knows to take the right action according to the situation.

Often, we see owners trying to find a solution to a severe injury or disease. This is something you must avoid. In such cases, consult a vet as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate to seek emergency help.

Don’t Forget to Offer Rewards

Tips for New Puppy Owners

A new puppy does not get a lot of things right off the bat. It is more natural that he’ll do a lot of things wrong than right.

You can try offering treats and presents as rewards for positive behavior. This will make sure the puppy quickly learns the importance of such behavior.

Sign Up for Obedience Training

There are many obedience courses around. These courses aim to teach further skills to little pups. They will also ensure your puppy learns to show the right behavior.

Your pooch needs to be a little more mature. However, in most cases, the training won’t be given before three months of age. Also, your puppy has to be vaccinated before going through this training.

Consistency is the Key

All the feeding, caring, and walking with your little canine might seem like a lot of work. Especially for the new owners. But the fruits of this labor will be something that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maintaining consistency and regularity in the whole routine is necessary.

This will make your pup learn everything quickly. The puppy will get used to your home easily too. More importantly, they will get to know you better. This will create a stronger bond between you and your pet.

Enjoy the Moment

The memories you will have of your precious will last a lifetime. The bond will grow stronger between you and your puppy. As each day passes, you will realize how fast time flies as your puppy grows up.

Take many videos and photos of your puppy. By doing so, you can share these moments with your friends and family.

Final Thoughts

No matter how daunting it might seem to care for a new puppy, the above tips will help you look after your little friend the right way.

A lot of owners get frustrated during the whole process. Do not take things too seriously. Mistakes will happen. The mistakes are all part of the process.

Just make sure you are having a good time with your precious pooch. At the end of the day, the most important thing to develop is the bond. A great bond between you two can be the best thing you can give each other.


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