Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy Review

Dog Toys Reviews January 16, 2024
Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy Review
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Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy Review

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Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy Review

Wickedbone is an interactive smart dog toy that interacts with your dog while playing. It was created to keep your dog entertained while you are away and stop him from becoming bored, anxious, or frustrated.

Wickedbone also comes with an app where you can control it with your mobile phone or just set it to interactive mode to auto-play with your dog.

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How We Tested:

  • We purchased the Wickedbone Dog Toy to review
  • We spent a week testing it on our dogs
  • We did not receive this product in exchange for a favorable review and purchased it with our own money
Wickedbone Dog Toy
Overall Score
  • A variety of settings
  • Long battery life
  • Uses USB to charge
  • App uses mobile data
  • Maybe too big for small dogs
  • Not a chew-proof toy
  • A variety of settings
  • Long battery life
  • Uses USB to charge
  • App uses mobile data
  • Maybe too big for small dogs
  • Not a chew-proof toy
Battery Life
App Integration
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About Wickedbone

Wickedbone was created by a company called Cheerble, which is a tech startup established in 2016 and based in Shenzhen, China. The company designs and manufactures pet related smart electronic gadgets, and their focus is to establish themselves as the leading and premier brand for smart pet products.

Cheerble aims to solve real-world problems faced by pet parents and their pets through innovations. Wickedbone is our first self-developed product, which has powerful and exciting features, making it the first electronic and interactive pet toy.

Last year, Wickedbone appeared on Kickstarter as the “World’s First Smart and Interactive Dog Toy.”. It quickly gained the attention of around 2000 people, who ended up backing the project across Kickstarter and Indiegogo, eventually raising $200,000.

How Does it Work?

Wickedbone is a smart dog toy that will play with your dog by spinning, rolling, and making noises.

To use the toy, it first needs to be charged via USB, and the free app needs to be downloaded to your phone. It will need to be paired through Bluetooth.

There are two different modes that you can use for play. One is drive mode, which allows you to control Wickedbone using the app with joystick-like controls. From there, you can choose between 9 different available motions to play with your dog.

The interactive mode sets Wickedbone to attract your dog’s attention without the use of manual operation. In this mode, Wickedbone reacts to different types of interactions with your dog. If your dog moves away, it may roll after him, or if your dog chases it, it will roll away. Once your dog touches it, it knows playtime has started.

Wickedbone Features

As we have mentioned, Wickedbone comes with two modes of play and can be used with the Wickedbone app. This includes drive mode and interactive mode.

It is made from FDA food-grade polycarbonate on the cover and the tirеѕ. This material is strong аnd ѕоft but bite marks may occur.

The Wickedbone toy is not waterproof and should not be rinsed off. However, the “tires” on both sides and the cover both detach for cleaning purposes. You can hand wash them or even buy replacement tires if needed. The replaceable tire covers come in various pastel shades, like lime green, light blue, pink, and teal.

The Wickedbone has a built-in 470Mah Lithium polymer bаttеrу. It can last 40 minutes in app mode, more than 4 hours in interactive mode, and 3 months in sleep mode when fully charged.

The Wickedbone App

The Wickedbone app is available for both iOS and Android and will need to be paired with the toy via Bluetooth.  It has nine different avаilаblе motions, which makes it easy to сrеаtе combinations, depending on what your dog likes.

In drive mode, you get to operate the Wickedbone using the “joystick” controller. It is similar to playing a video game on your phone and allows you to choose the action that fits the type of play your dog prefers. This is a great option if you enjoy “playing” with your dog with Wickedbone.

The app also has sounds, but they only come from the actual phone, not the toy. You have the option to turn this feature off.

For the interactive mode, you just switch it in the app, and it will take over from there. This is great for those times you are away from home and your dog needs some entertainment.

Wickedbone Test

I began my test on my dog Sampson, who wanted nothing to do with the Wickedbone. Once it moved, shook, rolled, or bounced, he was running into another room. To be fair, we tested it on a second dog.

The real test was seeing how well Wickedbone entertains our most playful dog, Sydney. My first attempt was setting the Wickedbone on interactive play and letting her figure it out. She barked and hid from it. She was not having fun and considered it a threat.

Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy Review
Testing Wickedbone Dog Toy on Sydney

The second time around, I tried the drive mode and tried all nine motion settings. When the toy chased her, she ran and seemed truly annoyed. Any movement triggered continuous barking and not much play. I should also add that it makes very loud, clunky noises on hard floors.

When the Wickedbone was turned off, she seemed more interested in it, but most likely because she is a chewer and wanted to get her mouth on it. This is probably the biggest issue I have with this toy; it is not built for rough-mouthed dogs.

How Much Does Wickedbone Cost?

Depending on where you buy Wickedbone, it could cost you between $49 and $99 dollars. The cheerble.com website sometimes offers discounts and special price deals, which means you could pay $79 plus shipping.

The Downside Of Wickedbone

I love the idea behind this innovative toy, but there are a few things I don’t like. First of all, the price is pretty high for a dog toy, especially if your dog doesn’t love it.

Another issue I have with Wickedbone is that I have to supervise any playtime because the toy is not chew-proof. With dogs who like to chew, this toy will not be useful in keeping them entertained when I am not home.

Is Wickedbone A Good Toy?

Wickedbone is great for dogs who like that sort of interactive play. It is a high-tech, creative toy, but not entirely unique. There are also a lot of dog toys on the market that can interact with your dog for a lot less money.

It does offer replaceable “tires,” and it’s parts are washable. It also had a decent battery life and different options for play.

I guess the answer to that question will be determined if your dog likes Wickedbone dog toys or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wickedbone waterproof?

No, but the removable tires are water resistant and could be cleaned with water.

Does Wickedbone work on carpet and flat surfaces?

Wickedbone works on both carpets and flat surfaces. Action may be limited while playing on super thick carpets and grass.

How long does the Wickedbone battery last?

Wickedbone lasts over 40 minutes in the drive mode, over 4 hours in the interactive mode and 3 months in sleep mode after being fully charged.

Is Wickedbone safe for my pets?

The shell and tires of Wickedbone are made of safe PC and TPU material that are absolutely safe for both humans and pets.

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