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Dog Food Nutrition

Best Dog Food for American Bulldogs

March 22, 2019


Best Dog Food for American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs are larger than average-sized dogs and marginally taller than English bulldogs.

This dog breed, like any other breed, has special nutritional requirements. Their nutritional requirement depends upon their age, size and weight.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about your American Bulldog’s nutritional requirements and to receive some tips for picking the best dog food for your American Bulldog.

You’ll also receive our top 5 picks for the best dog food for your American Bulldog.

Quick Links: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Dog Food for American Bulldogs

  1. Best Overall: Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food
  2. Best for Weight Loss: Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food
  3. Best for Skin Allergies: Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet
  4. Best for Puppies: Orijen Original Dry Dog Food
  5. Best for Seniors: Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

Our Criteria

The criteria we use in selecting the best dog foods for American Bulldogs and other breeds comes from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Using the WSAVA guidelines, we look for dog foods that meet the following standards:

  • The food should meet AAFCO approval, preferably by means of a food trial instead of a nutrient profile.
  • We like dog food companies that have nutritional research to back up their formulations.
  • Pet food companies should have canine/veterinary nutritionists on staff to formulate their foods.
  • A pet food company needs to have strong quality control measures and be willing to discuss them.

Key Considerations When Buying Dog Food For American Bulldogs

All dog breeds have different nutritional requirements. As an pet parent, it can get quite frustrating to pick the best dog food that meets all the requirements for your pup. This is especially troublesome because there are a lot of products on the market. For this reason, you should know what features to consider while buying food to keep your pet healthy and happy.

  • Quality Ingredients. The quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the product, so look for whole food ingredients and a lack of artificial additives and byproducts.
  • Animal Protein. High-quality, animal-based protein should be the first ingredient in any good dry dog food. Things like meat, poultry, and fish are good options.
  • Healthy Fats. Fat provides a highly concentrated source of energy for your dog as well as essential fatty acids for brain development and healthy skin and coat. These fats should come from animal-based sources as much as possible.
  • Digestible Carbohydrates. Dogs don’t have specific requirements for carbohydrates, but whole grains and other digestible carbs are a valuable source of energy, essential nutrients, and fiber.
  • Beneficial Supplements. In addition to protein, carbohydrate, and fat, your dog needs a blend of vitamins and minerals in its diet. Beneficial supplements like vitamins and chelated minerals ensure nutritional balance in a high-quality dog food.

Top 5 Best Rated Dog Food for American Bulldogs Reviewed


Editor's Choice

Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food
  • High protein content
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Rich in fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6)

Best Affordable

Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult
  • Primarily made with high-value animal protein
  • Contains probiotics for digestive health
  • Highly digestible

Best for Puppies

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  • Highly digestible
  • Available in flavors including duck, chicken, fish, and lamb
  • Reduces itching and makes the coat soft and shiny

Best for Seniors

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food
  • High protein content
  • Keeps hair soft and shiny, and improves stool
  • Free of harmful artificial preservatives

Best for Allergies

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food
  • Offers 6 delicious flavors to choose from
  • Free of preservatives and artificial flavoring agents
  • Grain free

American Bulldogs are loyal and they make perfect security dogs as well. Though low-maintenance, these lovely pets do have specific food requirements. So, if you’re a careful and loving pet owner, our list of 5 best dog foods should surely help you.

Best Overall: Taste Of The Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 32% (Min)
  • Fat – 17.00% (Min)
  • Fiber – 4% (Max)
  • Kcal – 3656 kcal/kg or 370 kcal/cup

This best-selling dog food is perfect for American Bulldog puppies. This grain-free puppy food contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that increase immunity. It also contains bison and roasted venison. Moreover, it derives all the protein it has from buffalo, peas, lamb, eggs, beef, and fish. This dog food additionally contains antioxidants that keep your puppy at bay from stomach upset.

Click here to see full list of Ingredients
Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Chicken Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Potatoes, Canola Oil, Egg Product, Roasted Bison, Roasted Venison, Beef, Natural Flavor, Tomato Pomace, Potato Protein, Pea Protein, Ocean Fish Meal, Salt, Choline Chloride, Taurine, Dried Chicory Root, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Dried Lactobacillus Plantarum Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus Subtilis Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium Animalis Fermentation Product, Vitamin E Supplement, Iron Proteinate, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Manganese Proteinate, Manganous Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Vitamin B12 Supplement, RiboFlavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin D Supplement, Folic Acid.


  • High protein content
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Rich in fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6)


  • Incapable of managing the puppy’s weight
  • Not perfect for puppies with a sensitive stomach

Best for Weight Loss: Nutro Lite And Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 21% (Min)
  • Fat – 13% (Min)
  • Fiber – 8% (Max)
  • Kcal – 3572 kcal/kg or 330 kcal/cup

This overall dog food by Nutro lite is perfect for American Bulldogs of all sizes, age, and weight. It is also safe for dogs suffering from stomach disorders. This dog food derives all its protein from chicken, salmon, and lamb. It is a weight controlling dog food that is free of wheat, soy protein, and corn. It also contains fibers, vitamins, and natural antioxidants. The product also contains lentils, dried vegetables, minerals like zinc and calcium, and many more natural ingredients.

Click here to see full list of Ingredients
Chicken, Whole Brown Rice, Lamb Meal, Lentils, Rice Bran, Powdered Cellulose, Pea Protein, Chicken Meal, Split Peas, Barley, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Natural Flavor, Dried Sweet Potato, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, DL-Methionine, Salt, Dried Apples, Dried Blueberries, Dried Carrots, Mixed Tocopherols and Citric Acid (preservatives), Vitamin E Supplement, Taurine, Zinc Sulfate, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), Inositol, Biotin, Niacin Supplement, Marigold Extract, Iron Amino Acid Chelate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Selenium Yeast, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Riboflavin Supplement (Vitamin B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid, Rosemary Extract.


  • Primarily made with high-value animal protein
  • Contains probiotics for digestive health
  • Highly digestible


  • Expensive when compared to other dog foods

Best for Skin Allergies: Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 28% (Min)
  • Fat – 15% (Min)
  • Fiber – 4.50% (Max)
  • Kcal – 3634 kcal/kg or 385 kcal/cup

This grain-free and gluten-free dog food are perfect for dogs with a sensitive stomach and skin allergies. The food does not contain potatoes and artificial flavoring agents. It derives all its protein from a single source deboned meat. The Merrick Limited Ingredient Dog Food contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to improve digestion. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals to make the dog’s bones stronger. Suitable for all ages, you just need to adjust the feeding amount according to your dog’s age, size, and weight.

Click here to see full list of Ingredients
Deboned Duck, Duck Meal, Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Flaxseed, Natural Flavor, Minerals (Salt, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Iron Amino Acid Complex, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Selenite, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Calcium Iodate), Vitamins (Choline Chloride, Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Vitamin A Acetate, Niacin, Thiamine Mononitrate, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement).


  • Highly digestible
  • Available in flavors including duck, chicken, fish, and lamb
  • Reduces itching and makes the coat soft and shiny


  • All single source protein flavors are not perfect for all dogs
  • Quite expensive for the amount provided in a single packet

Best for Puppies: Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 36% (Min)
  • Fat – 18% (Min)
  • Fiber – 4% (Max)
  • Kcal – 3900 kcal/kg or 470 kcal/120 gram cup

This grain-free dog food by Orijen is perfect for adult American Bulldogs. It contains all essential nutrients that can provide enough energy to keep your adult dog fit. The product also derives all its protein from a single source. All protein sources are deboned and come in flavors including turkey, chicken, fish, and lamb. Moreover, this dog food also contains dried fresh vegetables. It is devoid of artificial preservatives, flavoring agents, and potatoes.


  • High protein content
  • Keeps hair soft and shiny, and improves stool
  • Free of harmful artificial preservatives


  • It is expensive for the amount given in a packet
  • Not useful for dogs suffering from joint problems

Best for Senior: Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

Nutritional info:

  • Protein – 23% (Min)
  • Fat – 15% (Min)
  • Kcal – 3718 kcal/kg or 454 kcal/cup
  • Fiber – 4.50% (Max)

As your dog grows old, it needs more nutrition to remain healthy and active. Holistic Natural Dry Dog Food is one such perfect food for senior American bulldogs that contain abundant fruits and vegetables. Whilst proteins keep the muscles strong, it is vitamins and minerals that keep the digestive system of a senior dog fit like a fiddle. This dog food also contains prebiotics and probiotics, and it is devoid of fillers, wheat, gluten-wheat, artificial preservatives, and meat by-products.


  • Offers 6 delicious flavors to choose from
  • Free of preservatives and artificial flavoring agents
  • Grain free


  • Contains less amount per packet when compared to other brands
  • Unable to control the dog’s growing weight

American Bulldog Dietary Needs

The most important aspect about keeping your dog fit is giving it a properly balanced diet. American bulldogs are bulky, muscular, strong and playful.

They can weigh anywhere between 50 to 120 pounds. Moreover, they have different dietary needs than most other dog breeds.

Nutritional Requirements

Dogs that are extremely active such as a dog that is engaging in hunting, agility, or other sports, could eat a food with a higher protein percentage. In that case, look for a good grain-inclusive food such as one that has 28-30 percent protein.


Most adult dogs require a minimum of 5 percent fat in their diet. Puppies and pregnant or nursing dams require a minimum of 8 percent fat in their diet.

Virtually all dog foods have higher fat percentages than these recommendations. Fat is one of the ingredients that makes dog food appealing to your dog so most dog food companies are happy to include lots of it.

However, if you feed your American Bulldogs a food that has a high fat percentage your dog could easily become overweight. Or, a food that is too rich can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhea.

We recommend dog foods for American Bulldogs that have a fat percentage between 12 and 16 percent. This is considered a moderate fat level.


Many people believe that carbohydrates in dog foods are empty calories or filler ingredients but this is false.

Carbs provide your dog with energy, fiber, and other nutrients. Simple sugars and starches in carbohydrates help your dog’s brain function.

Complex carbohydrates help regulate your dog’s glucose levels, preventing sugar spikes.

They keep your dog from feeling hungry all the time. The fiber from some carbohydrates help regulate digestion.


Your dog also needs fiber in his diet. Fiber generally comes in soluble and insoluble forms. Soluble fiber, found in beet pulp, chicory, and inulin, attracts water and turns material into a gel.

This slows down the digestive process. Insoluble fiber, such as cellulose, adds bulk to your dog’s digestive matter and can help speed the process. It is also used in some weight control diets.

Most dry dog foods have around 3-6 percent crude fiber. If your American Bulldog appears to have loose stools, check the fiber percentage. You may need to change to a food that has slightly less fiber.

Probiotics and prebiotics

Many dog foods today also contain prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics – a dietary fiber – encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract.

Chicory and inulin are often added to dog foods as prebiotics.

Probiotics are living organisms added to dog foods so they can form beneficial colonies with millions of good bacteria in your dog’s gastrointestinal system. Once established, these microorganisms can improve your dog’s digestion. You can visit our friends from for more information on the best dog food for sensitive stomach

Vitamins and minerals

You will also find vitamins and minerals added to most dog foods today.

Kibble is cooked at such high temperatures that some of the nutrients in the ingredients can be destroyed.

By adding vitamins and minerals into the food after cooking, pet food companies make sure that your dog gets the nutrients he needs.

Feeding American Bulldogs By Age

As an owner of an American Bulldog, you must be aware of the fact that the dietary needs of a puppy are totally different from that of adults and seniors, and vice-versa.

  • 0-3 Months – A young puppy should be fed up to 4 times a day until the age of 3 months.
  • 3-6 Months – An American Bulldog puppy between the age of 3-6 months should be fed 3 times a day.
  • 6-12 Months – At this playful age, the growing puppy should be fed 2 times a day.
  • Above 1 year – Once your dog is a year old and aging, it needs just 1 meal a day.

Now that you know the frequency of feeding, you should know how much your dog needs to eat daily.

  • 2 Months – 231-271 grams/day.
  • 3 Months – 276-341 grams/day.
  • 4 Months – 297-371 grams/day.
  • 5 Months – 304-410 grams/day.
  • 6 Months – 304-446 grams/day.
  • 7 Months – 282-446 grams/day.
  • 8 Months – 240-387 grams/day.
  • 9 Months – 216-320 grams/day.
  • 10 Months – 215-318 grams/day.
  • 11 Months – 476-991 grams/day.
  • 12 Months – 434-941 grams/day.

American bulldog Food Allergies

American Bulldogs are considered to be a strong breed. However, they are equally as prone to food allergies as any other dog breed is.

Furthermore, they need more dietary guidance considering they can easily put on weight. Nonetheless, we will be focussing on food-related allergies that American Bulldogs suffer from.

  • Grain Allergy – Grain allergy is the most common type of food allergy that affects American Bulldogs. It can be treated only by avoiding all kinds of grains. The best possible solution is feeding your dog with a grain-free and gluten-free diet.
  • Carb Allergy – The most common culprit leading to carb allergy in Bulldogs is a potato. However, this does not mean that all carbs are harmful. Although, you must buy potato-free dog food if your pet is allergic to them.

Other than these two major allergy foods, there are some others that are worth a mention.

  • Peanut allergy
  • Soy allergy
  • Chicken allergy
  • Beef allergy

Hypoallergenic Food Diet For American Bulldogs

American bulldogs suffering from food allergies largely benefit from a hypoallergenic food diet.

A hypoallergenic diet is the one that includes only novel proteins, hydrolyzed proteins or home cooked proteins. A novel protein is derived from the meat of kangaroos and rabbit.

Such a diet is devoid of protein from chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, and bison.

American Bulldogs Food-Related Health Issues

American bulldogs can easily gain weight if they are overfed. On top of this, the situation gets worse if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is allergic to specific food ingredients. Since this breed needs more care, we have made an awareness list of the most common food-related health issues that affect American Bulldogs.

  • Hip Dysplasia – This is a bone-related disorder caused by a deficiency of calcium in American Bulldogs. It is quite common in underweight dogs. It can also lead to immobility and acute pain in the hip bones and joints.
  • Bloating – This health issue leads to a gastrointestinal upset. It is caused by gassy food items. The dogs suffering from the sensitive stomach are most prone to it. It results in indigestion and constipation as well.
  • Obesity – Whilst some people believe that bulldogs become obese because of low to no physical activity, low fat diet is equally responsible. Obesity can lead to joint problems as well as thyroid.

Best Dog Food for American Bulldogs: Summed Up

Whilst all dog breeds need care and love, there are some others like American Bulldogs that demand more attention to keep healthy.

The major reason behind most health troubles that these dogs suffer from is improper diet. This is why you should be extra careful while feeding your dogs.

This calls for the need for a general guide like ours. It will be beneficial for all pet owners who care for their dogs. On a parting note, remember to never feed your dog chocolates, nutmeg, onions, and raisins.


Priscilla offers simple, honest knowledge about holistic pet care and products. As a mom of 2 When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her puppy
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