10 Dog Breeds with White Coats

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Dog Breeds with White Coats
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10 Dog Breeds with White Coats

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White dog breeds can have white coats due to genetic mutations, while colored dogs may have white coats due to DNA mutations preventing pigment production. These dogs can also have additional genetic mutations, like deafness. Before adopting a white dog, consult your family veterinarian to ensure health issues are addressed.

If you are looking for a white dog, keep reading to find the perfect pup.

1. Bichon Frise

Dog Breeds with White Coats

The Bichon Frise stands out in a pack of white dogs due to its fluffy coat and rounded appearance. The modern breed is thought to have its roots in France and is a cross between the poodle and the water spaniel.

This breed is extremely intelligent and has a very friendly disposition. The Bichon breed gets along well with children and other household pets and is playful yet gentle. Although the Bichon Frise is one of the most adaptable breeds, it does enjoy cuddling with its owners on the couch.

2. Bolognese

Dog Breeds with White Coats

Bolognese and Bichon Frise are often confused for the same breed. However, the Bolognese is a close relative of the Bichon Frise; in fact, it is occasionally referred to as a Bichon Bolognese.  The Bolognese and the Bichon Frise have slightly different personalities, though. Being on the quieter side of the spectrum, Bolognese are easily overwhelmed by children and energetic situations.

The Bolognese might be ideal if you’re looking for a dog to share an easygoing lifestyle with because they are less playful and active than their close cousins. In addition to having a low-shedding white coat, this adorable pup has a very amiable disposition toward people and other animals in general.

3. Maltese

Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Maltese dogs are the tiniest white dog breed, and these little pups usually do not get much taller than 10 inches and only weigh 4 to 7 pounds max. The adorableness of the Maltese breed is only enhanced by its long, silky white coat. Maltese pups not only have protruding tongues but also exude superior air.   

The Maltese are social creatures who are happy to follow their owners around or jump into their laps for cuddles. This does not prevent them from being playful, and they do have a lot of energy when playing with their owners. 

4. American Eskimo

Dog Breeds with White Coats

What is fluffy, flawlessly white, and adorably adorable? Naturally, the American Eskimo Dog! These adorable puppies are available in standard, miniature, and toy sizes, with the tiniest growing no taller than nine inches. Despite their diminutive size, American Eskimos have big personalities.

The American eskimos are highly intelligent and trainable, just like their relatives, the huskies and malamutes. The drawback is that if they are left alone and allowed to get bored, they may start to exhibit destructive behaviors. The American Eskimo, on the other hand, is a fantastic companion who will gladly go on adventures with you.

5. Dogo Argentino

Are you looking for a large dog breed that enjoys the heat? The Dogo Argentino might make an ideal friend. These large, white dogs frequently have a dark spot close to one eye, giving them a whimsical appearance that matches the breed’s upbeat character.

The Dogo Argentinos enjoy hunting, physical activity, and play. They are regarded as an outgoing and energetic breed, which makes them suitable as family pets. To prevent aggression, this breed needs to be socialized and trained.

6. Komondor

One of the most recognizable breeds in the world is the Komondor, also referred to as the Hungarian sheepdog. It is a large, white breed of livestock guardian dog. The large hypoallergenic Komondor has very little hair to shed, though he may once in a while lose a cord.

The Komondor needs firm training because he is independent and protective. Strangers make this breed nervous, and it is fiercely protective. In his home, Komondor serves as a devoted companion and watchdog.

7. Kuvasz

Dog Breeds with White Coats

The Kuvasz is a large, white dog with a thick, slightly wavy coat that was bred to protect flocks. Kuvasz dogs have strong protective instincts because they were originally bred to guard livestock, but they are also gentle with people they care about.  

The Kuvasz will defend their owner, but without firm, encouraging, and constant training from the get-go, they risk becoming overly protective and aggressive. They are capable of competing in dog competitions, especially given their high intelligence and speed of learning. This magnificent dog is truly unique!

8. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is known for its distinctively thick white coat, which gives them a majestic and fluffy appearance. The Great Pyrenees are famous for their powerful muscles, in addition to their coat. In fact, they have such a soft coat that you may find yourself stroking your fingers through it for hours! 

These big, striking canines have a calm disposition. They will be happy to watch over your house and keep you company; in exchange, you should give them daily walks and lots of brushing.

9. Havanese

The Havanese, a breed that originated in Cuba, is regarded as a companion dog and is ranked as the 23rd most popular dog among owners. It is also known as one of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds around. The Havanese can live up to 16 years on average and weigh between 6 and 13 pounds. 

This breed of dog makes wonderful companions because of their lovable, playful nature, which will bring years of happiness to many owners. They are guaranteed to be your lifelong best friend, making them the ideal pet for an apartment or condominium. They have a reputation for being incredibly charming, vivacious, and lively. Their social traits will always make them want to win your attention and affection.

10. West Highland White Terrier

The west highland white terrier, also referred to as the “Westie,” is a lively, active dog that needs a lot of exercise. These dogs are always pure white in color and have soft, fluffy undercoats that don’t shed much over somewhat wiry topcoats.

Owners of this breed will always be informed of knocks on the door and bumps in the night. They hear and respond to almost everything, and tend to bark more than other breeds. This is great for people who want a small watchdog, but it’s not the best for people who live in apartments or condos and have close neighbors. Westies are typically good with children and are brave, devoted, and loving. 

White Dog Breeds Concerns

White dogs can occur in one of two ways:

  • in a genetically typical dog who has white fur as opposed to another color
  • in a dog who has albinism (lack of pigmentation)

Concerns about white dog breeds and potential hearing loss or skin conditions are not uncommon. Although the two seem to be related, white fur does not mean your pup will have medical problems. Some white dogs are white by breed, while others may be white due to albinism. An albino dog is more likely to have health issues.

Examining a dog’s nose and eyes can help you determine how or why they are white. Dark noses and dark eyes are typically characteristics of breeds with white hair. A pup that is albino typically has pink or blue eyes and a pink or blue nose. For instance, in many breeds, such as Westies, the white coat color is the only color that breed produces. However, in other breeds, like the Doberman, this is not the case. A white Doberman would be the result of albinism.

Before adopting a white dog, it is best to ask for a  hearing test, as well as hearing tests for the pup’s parents, if you’re interested in an all-white puppy from a breeder.

Final Thoughts

Because of their unblemished coats, white dog breeds are thought to be of a certain status; they exude an undeniable elegance. As with all beautiful things, though, they can sometimes require a little extra work.


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