Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Dog Breeds March 1, 2024
Dog Breeds with Long Ears
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Dog Breeds with Long Ears

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Dog Breeds with Long Ears


Dogs with long ears are charming and have a unique charm.  These dogs come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, making them a popular choice for those looking for a cute and lovable companion.

This list of long-eared dog breeds, including the Dachshund and Great Dane, showcases their beauty and characteristics.

Afgan Hound

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

The exquisite breed that is the Afghan Hound is also evident in its ears. They may look like a wild mane of hair, but they are actually just a dog. The Afghan Hound breed standard states that the long, silky hair on these dogs’ ears should extend almost to the tip of their snout.

Australian Shepherd

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Aussies are medium-sized, energetic dogs with floppy ears and on the shorter side of “long.” Their high intelligence and physical abilities can be detrimental if left unattended, so it’s essential to spend at least an hour or two daily training or playing with them to maintain their happiness.

Basset Hound

The large, velvety ears of Basset Hounds contribute to their distinctive appearance. According to the breed standard for Basset Hounds, the ears should be low on the head, set far back, and long enough to drape nicely over the tip of the nose when the dog is brought forward. The ends shouldn’t be flat or high-set; instead, they should gently curl inward.


Dog Breeds with Long Ears

As a small, sturdy, powerful, and compact breed of scent hound, the beagle was developed for beguiling—the art of hunting rabbits and hares on foot. Beagles are kind, lovable, and low maintenance dogs who make wonderful pets.

Bedlington Terrier

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

This breed, originating in England, has lively temperaments and abilities, including hunting rats and helping poachers find game. They are tough and tenacious hunters, with a curly coat that requires regular trimming. Their triangular ears reach the corners of their mouth and have a velvety texture.


Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Big, drooping ears are only one of the endearing wrinkles that make bloodhounds so beloved. According to the Bloodhound breed standard, the lower portions of the ears should curl in and backward and should be soft, low-set, and fall in elegant folds.

Bracco Italiano

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Italy is home to the Bracco Italiano, a breed of pointing dog. The Bracco Italiano, originally developed for hare hunting, is a loving, devoted, and energetic dog that makes a wonderful member of any household.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the biggest and most well-liked toy dog breeds in the United States is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed of spaniel that belongs to the toy group of canines. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a brave, gregarious, playful, and affectionate dog with silky ears.

Cocker Spaniel

The ears of the Cocker Spaniel are long, luscious, and feathered. According to the Cocker Spaniel breed standard, their ears are long, lobular, and made of fine leather. You can tell they’re delicate to the touch.


The Black and Tan Coonhound is another dog with silky ears. Their ears are as magnificent as they are; according to the Black and Tan Coonhound breed standard, they should dangle in elegant folds at or below eye level. Their ears ought to be long enough to reach far over the ends of their nostrils.


Dog Breeds with Long Ears

The Dachshund, known for its lively nature and floppy ears, efficiently hunts with scent. They are lively, entertaining, and make great companions for patience-trained owners. Their mischievous nature and loud bark make a house feel full.

English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel, like its cousin, has long, luxuriant ears and smooth, straight, or slightly wavy hair. Despite their similarities, the ECS and Cocker Spaniel are not groomed similarly, with the ECS having less coat and being taller than the Cocker Spaniel.

English Setter

In addition, the setters are renowned for having stunning, long ears. The silky hair of the English Setter covers its low, rear ears. According to the English Setter breed standard, ears should have a moderate length, thin leather, and a modest roundness at the tips.

German Shorthair Pointer

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

The German Shorthair Pointer breed, once hunter-loving, now enjoys chasing squirrels and swimming. Their short, water-resistant coat allows quick drying, but their floppy ears need to be monitored to ensure their health and avoid infection. Because they can be active outdoors, those ears should be kept clean.

Golden Retriever

With this timeless retriever, only the French bulldog and the Labrador retriever have surpassed them in popularity in the nation. Their lively nature and kind disposition solidify their reputation as excellent family dogs. Their wavy coats can be as pale as cream or crimson, as their name suggests.

Gordon Setter

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The gorgeous coat of the Gordon Setter shines from their tail to their ears. According to the breed standard for Gordon Setters, ears should be carried near the head, well-folded, and somewhat large and thin.

Great Dane

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Great Danes, among the world’s largest dog breeds, are 32 inches tall and 120 pounds or more, with soft, floppy ears. They form close bonds with their family and may guard them when needed. With a short life span of 7 to 10 years, they are content to give their time and affection.


Havanese, one of the lesser breeds on this list, are intelligent puppies with long ears that fit their bodies well and a silky coat that requires constant brushing. Although a totally hypoallergenic dog does not exist, Havanese dogs do not shed much hair.

Irish Stetter

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The Irish Setter’s red coat and leather-thin ears are eye-catching, set back and low, and long enough to reach their noses. Other breeds have long ears, but “long” is debated based on hair, skin length, and ear anatomy.

Labrador Retriever

Dog Breeds with Long Ears

The Labrador retriever, in any color—yellow, black, or chocolate—can have long and floppy ears. When labs and their humans are outside having fun, they are at their happiest. Although most of them enjoy the water and can swim laps in the lake thanks to their webbed paws, they will accept your invitation to visit the dog park or go hiking at any time.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso, a small Tibetan breed with a dense coat and long ears, originated over 2,500 years ago. Those ears require regular check-ups and grooming for tangles and debris. Despite a high-maintenance grooming regime, this breed doesn’t shed much and is known for its durability.


Dog Breeds with Long Ears

Often referred to as the “gray ghost” of the dog world, the Weimaraner is distinguished by its long, velvety ears and light gray coat. Typically, they have blue eyes, which are not common in most adult dogs. Weimaraners are a high-energy, energetic breed that thrives in dynamic homes since they only need two hours of exercise a day.

Final Thoughts

Dogs with long ears are fascinating due to their diverse history and role in hunting and evolution. They add character and function, but they can also lead to health issues like ear infections, fungal and yeast infections, and ear mites and fleas. It’s crucial to keep these beautiful pups ears clean, especially because the  ear canal is covered.

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