100 Most Popular Shih Tzu Dog Names Of 2021

Shih Tzu Dog Names
A type of poem that means "little song" in Italian
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If your pup is as cute as a Button, then consider this name
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This popular Japanese soup has a rich brown color, and could be the name you have been looking for for your brown dog
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The German word for "small."
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Sweet or savory, depending on your dog's personality, savory is still a fun name
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This crunchy, healthy snack would be a fun name for an outdoorsy dog
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For your small little "wolf" cub
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Ice Cream
A fun name for a cream colored dog living in a cold enviornment
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The small, hobbit hero of The Lord of the Rings
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Sugar Cookie
These light, sweet cookies also make for a fun, affectionate dog name
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