Top 25 Pet Blogs

October 5, 2021
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Top 25 Pet Blogs

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Pets have always been a part of our lives, whether it’s a dog, cat, pig, or monkey. If you’re a dog owner, there are an infinite amount of resources and information about the best practices to care for your pet. While the Internet may be a bit daunting to sift through everything, we have narrowed it down by providing some of the more popular top 25 pet blogs out there.

#1 katzenworld


If you’re looking somewhere to get the latest information for your pet, this is the place. It includes everything from dog reports, important news incidents, information regarding dog products and even rising star puppies. Most of all, the blog’s contributors come from different backgrounds. These include trainers, veterinary doctors, and pop culture journalists.

#2 It is Dog or Nothing


Have you been a pet owner who is looking for the updated news and advice? If yes, then this blog is well suited for you. Here, you’ll receive genuine reviews of top products, giveaways and other helpful resources on how to make your pet happy.

#3 Montecristo Travels


For amazing tips on how to travel with your dog, Montecristo Travels is a great blog. This is because it describes the best pet-friendly locations. It also includes advised transportations and accommodations.

#4 The Conscious Cat


While this blog is more for owning a feline, it gives highly functional tips on how to make your pet cat happier. It also serves to be a great reference for information that will assist you on enhancing your relationship with your beloved cat.

#5 Rubicon Days


Not all pups are friendly, so for those that are quite challenging, this blog is the best place to go to. You can gain tips and tricks on how to tame your pet properly. Furthermore, it covers a lot of subject areas, from reward-based training, caring for street dogs and home pet welfare.

#6 Adventures with Maggie


This blog highlights the experience of Maggie, an eight-year-old Bichon, and Mini-Poodle Mix. It establishes itself as a dog-related travel blog. So, there is a lot of useful information on owners that want to travel with their pet and how to do so.

#7 Tenacious Little Terrier


The Tenacious Little Terrier blog helps give any dog owner info on walking their pet. There are also many posts that include the small Terrier as a budding example for many fellow owners to train this breed. It outlines the trials and tribulations all Terrier owners may need to go through when dealing with this type of dog.

#8 7thheaven Cats


Lead by the wondeful Marva Marrow, this cat blog is a real treat and is without a doubt one of the most authoritative sites for cat related info on everyday subjexts. Marva is one of the leading certified cat behavior consultant in America helping cat caregivers with Human-Cat relationship troubleshooting

#9 Chirpy Cats


This is a popular place that helps to build and nurture a wholesome relationship between domestic cats and humans. The information revolves around a various cat related topics. Moreover, you can enjoy topics such as Caturday Doodles, Haiku and videos to tickle you on a Caturday morning.

#10 Dog Diary

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A highly versatile family pet blog. It includes all sorts of cool information on our furry friends. Typically, it includes pet tips, news on contests, as well as significant cost saving information. This information will consequently help you make your dog healthy and happy.

#11 Dogster


At Dogster, the website aims to help dog fans find relevant information on dog training. There is also information on home remedies and other interesting facts. Moreover, there are a lot of great do-it-yourself tips for cooking.

#12 Reddit/r/Pets

That is another fantastic online community/forum where users provide up-to-date information for pet owners. Furthermore, it is a great place to learn from one another. Fellow pet owners can exchange information and also give feedback.

#13 Blog

adopt a pet blog

This might be America’s most significant non-profit adoption site for cats and dogs. It gives information on thousands of private and open public pet shelters. The website also provides information for readers on important matters.

#14 For The Love Of Paws


A great place to visit and learn how to take great care of your pet. Here, you’ll receive a number of information from nutrition, vet care and attention. There is also information on family pet exercises, pet training and more.

#15 Vetstreet


Based in America, Vetstreet gives veterinarian approved family pet health information. It also offers complete professional advice on available kitten breeds. Moreover, you will find facts on the latest dog or cat reports, and pet training.

#16 DogTipper


If you’re currently looking for tips on how to choose dog products, DogTipper is the place. The website gives you information on improving your knowledge. Furthermore, it gives a variety of information related to dogs.

#17 Doctors Foster and Smith Pet Blog


This website site offers you detailed and up-to-date information that relates to pet families. It teaches you how to raise your pet properly. Moreover, it also gives information on training and other product-related facts.

#18 The Contemporary Pet


Whether its information on how to support local animal shelters or knowing what the important facts on taking care of your pet, this is the place. The Contemporary Pet is definitely a great spot for helpful dog and cat information.

#19 Carma Poodale

This website is really awesome. Led by Carma a medical alert service dog with a real talent for writing 🙂 They site is packed with Poodale friendly information which is super useful new Poodale caregivers.

#20 Pets forever

Pets forever helps you solve many pet problems. It also informs you of diet options and gives information on pet behaviors. The blog is great for all dogs and cats and other house pets.

#21 Cat And Dog Tips


Cat And Dog Tips is an awesome pet blogs that aims to helps family pets caregivers from around the globe. Its primary aim is to supply resources, programs, and proper training. All of this information consequently helps establish healthier relationship between humans and their 2/4 legged companions.

#22 Kobi Pets


This particular family pet blog is one definitely one of our favorites on the list. It is a great spot for the latest trending dog or cat news. Overall, it is a great place for pet-related entertainment and reliable information. Their motto is “Every pet brings a different kind of joy into your life and we are here to share that joy with you.”

#23 Good News For Pets


This particular family pet blog changes the way you think about your pet. It covers everything. For example, it even talks about satisfactory veterinary health care. Moreover, there is information on how to look after your pet and select the best quality dog or cat products.

#24 MedicAnimal Blog


All industry experts agree that this dog or cat blog is the most dependable online retailer of animal materials. It also has veterinary products. Furthermore, the blog gives information for any pet owner to learn from.

#25 WildernessCat

If you’re searching for the perfect location to purchase dog or cat items, this might be the place. The website includes clothes, food, training devices, playthings. Furthermore, Petsworld is a nice spot for you to browse and get ideas.

Final Thoughts

Having a pet can be a wonderful and enriching life experience. Any creature that you care for and nurture will be special to you. This is because you devote all that time and energy into it. It is also another way to keep you happy and accompanied. If you’re a pet owner who wishes to learn how to treat your pet better, some of the sites above are great to refer to.

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Amy Towry is a Certified NAVC Pet Nutritionist and pet lover. She is the proud owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog and her love for animals has led her to a successful career as a freelance writer specializing in pet care, nutrition, and product reviews.
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