30 Most Popular Korean Dog Names

Dog Names October 6, 2021


30 Most Popular Korean Dog Names

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In recent years, Korea has blown up globally. It known for its entertainment (Kpop and Kdrama), beauty products, and technological advancements in smartphones. However, one thing many people may unfamiliar with are how many breeds come from Korea.

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For some, Korean names can be hard to pronounce. However, the Korean language is actually one of the most scientifically easiest languages to learn. Thus, the names below are just several interesting suggestions to give your dog.

  1. Ye-Jin – A name that means valuable and precious, the moniker is a good pick for those looking for a nice Korean name.
  2. Seo-Jin – Meaning omen in Korean, this might be a great name to give to a dog that brings luck to your life.
  3. Hyun Ki – This is a popular Korean name for dogs and describes a smart dog.
  4. Bomi – Meaning springtime, as evident from the word ‘bom’ (which is spring), this name has a nice ring to it. It is a popular choice for many Koreans and their pets.
  5. Sung – A Korean word for successor, this can also act as a last name. It is short and sweet, with a meaning that can make any dog owner happy to call. This name might also be most suitable for any puppy that is the child of another dog you owned. By doing so, the meaning also fits.
  6. Ho-Seok – Meaning strong and/or heaven, it is a word that describes the grand quality of something. For this reason, it might be perfect to give to those dogs that either are physically strong or have a great presence.
  7. Gojo – The name of the first kingdom of Korea (Gojoseon), this would be a great moniker to give to those dogs that hold a sense of nobility or carry an air of royalty to them. Even if this is not the case, it is a simple name that rolls off the tongue.
  8. Hyun Shik – This is a common Korean name that owners give to somebody that is brilliant or clever. Thus, this name is suitable for a dog that is intellectual.
  9. Sagwa – A translation of the word apple, this name holds a lot of affection and describes a sweet dog. If not, it can also be a great moniker that describes how precious the pooch is to your life. Just as the saying goes: you are the apple to my eye.
  10. Seung – A word for victory or winning, this name is befitting for any competitive dog that reigns victorious. This might be more suitable for competitive show dogs.
  11. Chin – Meaning precious or close, this is a great name to give to a dog that is your best friend. Of course, every hound is a companion to their owner, but the meaning of the word describes a very close relationship.
  12. Min – Meaning clever, quick-minded and responding, this name is a sweet moniker to give a female dog who has all those traits.
  13. Yu-Na – Meaning to endure, this name can be a suitable moniker to give a dog that shows endurance.
  14. Mi-Hi – Meaning beautiful and joyful, this is a nice name that can be given to a dog that has both qualities.
  15. Geon – This means strength and is a great name to give a dog that is strong and agile.
  16. Horang-i – Meaning tiger, this can be a good name to give a male dog that is swift and dangerous like a tiger.
  17. Jae-Hee – Meaning shining, this moniker is great for a male dog that has a lively character.
  18. Cho – Meaning handsome, it is a sweet name to give a handsome male dog. It is a simple and easy name to call out.
  19. Suk – Meaning rock, this is a name that can be given to a tough and strong male dog.
  20. Baek – Meaning brother in Korean, this is a great name to give a dog that holds a significant meaning to the owner.
  21. Dae – Meaning greatness, this name can suit a huge male dog that had the characteristics of being a great dog.
  22. Dong – Meaning the east in Korean, this is a name that can be given to a dog that came from the east.
  23. Hayan – Meaning pale or white, this can be a suitable name to give a pure white dog.
  24. Goo – This means to complete someone and is a suitable name for a dog that is extremely close to its owner.
  25. In-Na – Meaning delicate, this is a cute name to give to a small dog that seems fragile.
  26. Dasom – Meaning love, this name works for female dog that showers its owner with love and attention. It is also the name of a Korean actress and singer, Kim Dasom.
  27. Danbi – Meaning to welcome rain, this is an interesting name to give a dog unless it loves to play in the rain.
  28. Mongshil – The word means fluffy, this is a name that suits a cuddly dog.
  29. Heangbogi – This means happy and is a sweet name to give a dog that brings happiness to the owner’s life.
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Final Thoughts

Long ago, dogs were not seen as much of treasure to the people of Korea (compared to Japanese or America). However, as the economy of Korea continues to improve, more people have the luxury of owning a dog. With that, there is greater interest for canine culture. Therefore, some of the Korean names above are great for showing your love for the culture of Korea.

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