25 Spiritual And Mystical Dog Names

Dog Names January 7, 2024
Spiritual And Mystical Dog Names
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25 Spiritual And Mystical Dog Names

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Spiritual And Mystical Dog Names

Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean you are religious. Spirituality is the journey or attempt at connecting with something deeper than the physical realm, whether it’s in the shape of your soul or a higher plane of consciousness.

There are quite a lot of mystical names out there that give a sense of calmness and peace. There are also monikers that derive from a spiritual place, whether religious in nature or not.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of spiritual dog names below that may fit in this category.

  1. Vatusia Meaning ‘they leave us behind,’ this name would be great for a female dog. The definition of the name is a bit different than what a dog symbolizes, since loyalty is the very essence of what makes up canines.
  2. Amara – A beautiful name meaning eternal, is most befitting for a female dog breed.
  3. Solange – Meaning solitary, is a name that has gained a lot of popularity with females, especially considering the fact that it is the famous singer Beyonce’s sister’s name.
  4. Chasity – This is a popular choice for a lot of females and means pure. This would go best with a pup that is obedient to a fault and is as pure as gold.
  5. Yoko – A word meaning positive, is the moniker befitting to those beloved dogs that are cheerful and always willing to please their master.
  6. Shakila – A word for pretty, this mystical name sounds slightly similar to the artist Shakira, except besides an r, there is an l. It makes for an excellent spiritual dog name. But it also has an exotic feel to it.
  7. Sela – Meaning trinity; the definition may be a bit irrelevant to your hound, but the name itself is quite easy to remember.
  8. Parth – This means warrior prince. A dog with such a name must be good at leading others in defending his owner’s home from intruders.
  9. Rene – A popular female name in English, Rene is a mystical moniker that means reborn. It might be a good choice to give to your second dog. It is almost as if the spirit of your past pup is reborn in a new one.
  10. Hafta – This means week (period of time) in Hindi. It is a great name that refers to a dog that seeks attention every moment of the day.
    Yen – Much like the word Zen, Yen means calm. It is perfect for those laidback, calm dogs that love to lie around the house without bothering a single soul.
  11. Indra – Meaning rainbow, is a beautiful name for a female dog. It refers to a dog that would have a soothing and calming effect with its presence.
  12. Maura – Meaning dark, is a name that goes perfectly with dark-colored coated hounds. There is something quite mysterious about the name itself. This is what makes it a good fit for dogs that keep to themselves.
  13. Saidi – This means helper and is a perfect name for the employed dogs that are doing whatever they can to make the lives of humans easier. This is perfect for military, service, and guidance working dog.
  14. Gita – We often hear the term ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ when a dog behaves well. When owning a dog that is often acting right, this name might be perfect for it since it means good.
  15. Zaida – Some dogs remain small, while others keep growing until they are very large. For those super-big dog breeds, the name Zaida might be a great way to express its meaning—growing.
  16. Shaina – This is another beautiful spiritual dog name that is used to describe the outer appearance of a dog. The name Shaina would be a great choice since the word itself means beauty.
  17. Muliya – The name itself means to hit, which seems a bit irrelevant, but it looks and sounds beautiful. Not all the names need to have deep meanings, but names like this are often great choices for turning heads.
  18. Zion – Meaning ‘holy land,’ comes from the Hebrew language. It is a popular name and great to give to any dog that is obedient and loving.
  19. Affinity – There are many people who love to name their pets something that makes them feel out of this world.
  20. Warlock – This refers to a man who practices witchcraft. This is an interesting and weird name to give a dog.
  21. Sashenka – A word that means ‘she who defends.’ This Russian name would go perfectly for dogs bred for guarding. It also works with territorial hounds that will do anything for its master.
  22. Chandra – This means a shining moon. The moon is an important feature in Hindu tradition. Thus, this name would be suitable for any dog that is precious to the family.
  23. Santo – Meaning saint, is a name that works on so many levels. For one, it is an ideal moniker for well-behaved dogs. Secondly, it looks and sounds nice.
  24. Vida – Meaning life, can be given to a dog that likes to play and is very active all the time.
  25. Sakari – Meaning lovely, can be a name given to a female puppy that is adorable.


The Spirit of the Dog

You have most likely heard of the saying, ‘they are like my spirit animal.’ This refers to the spiritual forces of creatures that people connect with in terms of disposition, character, or, simply put, ‘spirit.’

In ancient Egypt, the people worshipped Sirius, who was designated as the dog star. They looked upon this brightest star as something special, as it apparently helped predict the flooding of the Nile.

The ancient Greeks even went as far as choosing a three-headed dog known as Cerberus to act as the guardian of the dead. This also seemed to be the case in Norse mythology, where Garmr, a dog that stood at the gates of the underworld, howled if the world were to ever come to an end.

Symbolism of the Dog

From the examples mentioned above, we can see that the dog has, throughout the history of time, always been associated with loyalty, faithfulness, protection, and unconditional love. People have looked to hounds for guidance and a sense of security. In Celtic culture, they often tagged along, serving as a guide to the underworld.

In Native American tribes, the dogs acted as warning signs of impending danger. There are so many positive things that the dog spirit has been linked to. No matter what it is, one fact stays the same: they are helpers.

There is no taking away from how much a dog does for us. If a person is said to have the spirit animal of a dog, it is a compliment, as it indicates unhindered devotion and loyalty until the end.

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe in the spiritual realm or not, giving your pup a spiritual dog name could be a cool way to show the open-minded quality of exploring something unknown and unseen. If not for that reason, owners might simply like the sound or feel of a name that is considered spiritual.


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