Nature’s Miracle Review

Reviews March 16, 2024
Nature’s Miracle Review

Nature’s Miracle Review

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Nature’s Miracle Review

Anyone who has a dog likely spends some part of their time cleaning up stains and odors. No matter how great dogs can be, they simply aren’t always the cleanest pets.

Whether you have a new puppy who isn’t house-trained yet, need a carpet cleaner, or need a good shampoo to remove odor, Nature’s Miracle has a multitude of products designed specifically for dogs.

Read our unbiased review of Nature’s Miracle products and see if they would work for you and your dog.

Nature’s Miracle: Top 5 Products Reviewed

Our reviews are based on extensive research and years of professional knowledge of dog products. In order to remain objective, we do not accept gifts of free products or write sponsored posts on this site.

We’ve examined Nature’s Miracle products closely, used some, and graded the brand according to the standard. Our criteria include ingredients, quality, customer experience, recall history, and price.

Brand Score

Nature’s Miracle
Overall Score
  • Nature’s Miracle has a product for every need
  • Most Nature’s Miracle products get excellent customer reviews
  • Nature’s Miracle products are cruelty-free
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • Some people say they don’t like the scent of some products
  • Some (not all) products are made in China
  • Nature’s Miracle has a product for every need
  • Most Nature’s Miracle products get excellent customer reviews
  • Nature’s Miracle products are cruelty-free
  • Products are reasonably priced
  • Some people say they don’t like the scent of some products
  • Some (not all) products are made in China
Overall Quality
Customer Experience
Recall History

About Nature’s Miracle

Nature’s Miracle, a brand of Spectrum Brands Holdings, is a global consumer products company that focuses on innovation and customer service. The company offers a range of products, including residential locksets, builders’ hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, personal care products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden products, home pest control products, and personal insect repellents. The company, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, generated fiscal 2018 net sales of around $3.8 billion.

Nature’s Miracle was founded 40 years ago, in 1980, when the founder sought a preschool cleaning solution. They developed their own stain and odor solutions using pet- and family-safe ingredients. Since then, the company has expanded to offer solutions throughout the home in various clean-up categories, including pet care products like litter, training aids, and waste management. The company generated fiscal 2018 net sales of approximately $3.8 billion.

Sourcing And Manufacturing

We didn’t find a single answer about where Nature’s Miracle products are made or where ingredients are sourced. However, customer service replies on indicate that some products are made in China. Other products are made in the USA.

Recall History

We found one recall relating to Nature’s Miracle products.

This recall from July 2010 appears to relate to nutritional supplements but a Nature’s Miracle product is included. The FDA notice about the recall is no longer online so it’s hard to confirm the information. One product was a Nature’s Miracle clean-up product: 5619 Nature’s Miracle Pet Mess Easy Clean-up Net WT 12oz, EXP 01/2013 thru 06/2013.

The information on the page is confusing but it appears that all of these products were recalled because of possible Salmonella contamination. It seems unusual for a non-food item to be tested or recalled by the FDA in this situation so this could have been a case of guilt by association if all of these products were shipped or stocked together.

What Kinds of Products Does Nature’s Miracle Offer?

Today, Nature’s Miracle makes products for dogs, cats, “life’s messes,” cleaning the cages of birds and small animals, cleaning pet crates, cleaning floors, and many more.

Specifically for dogs, Nature’s Miracle offers five categories of products:

• Stain & Odor (26 products)
• Behavior & Training Aids (4 products)
• Disinfectants (4 products)
• Grooming (20 products)
• Waste Management (5 products)

They make products to use on different surfaces; and to clean up different messes. The company makes so many products that people sometimes need to get advice about which product to buy for their situation.

Nature’s Miracle: Top Five Products Reviewed

Here’s a look at some of the bestselling Nature’s Miracle dog products on to give you an idea of what’s popular and what other dog lovers are choosing for their dogs. We’ll look at products in different categories to give you an overview of the products they make. doesn’t provide detailed ingredients for Nature’s Miracle products but we have included them where we could find them. You can often find them on the pictures of the labels or in the Q & A section for the products.



Product Info

  • Dimensions: 7x 4x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.583 pounds
  • Packaging Type: Bulk
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Grooming Feature: Deodorizing
  • Product Form: Wipes
Nature's Miracle Spring Waters Deodorizing Dog Bath Wipes is Nature’s Miracle’s most popular product on The deodorizing bath wipes are a good choice for removing bad smells from your dog in between shampoo baths.

Alcohol-free, they are mild enough for everyday use and they are enriched with moisturizing conditioners to leave skin and coat healthy and shiny. Available in 25-count and 100-count packages.

These wipes can be used on dogs of all ages. They can be used in conjunction with topical flea/tick products. They are for external use only. Do not use directly on your dog’s on eyes or inside ears and mouth.

Here are the ingredients in this formula:

Water, Propylene Glycol, Preservatives, Skin Conditioner (PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate), Skin Cleanser, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Cocobetaine.

The wipes are not hypoallergenic or sanitizing but they are good for deodorizing and cleaning up your dog between regular baths. This product is made in China.

Our rating for this product is 4 out of 5 stars.


Product Info

  • Dimensions: 4.42x 2.305 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 1.791 pounds
  • Restricted Availability: IN, NM
  • Lifestage: Adult, Puppy
Nature's Miracle No More Marking Pet Stain & Odor Remover is Nature's Miracle's top-selling spray pet stain and odor remover. It features lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil to act as natural deterrents and discourage your dog from marking in the same place again.

Available in a 24-ounce spray bottle and a one gallong jug.

This formula removes stains and odors and the natural oil deterrents discourages your dog from marking. It leaves a clean citrus and cinnamon scent. Permanently eliminates tough, deep-set urine stains and odors. It’s intended to use when trying to break a dog’s marking habits.

Not recommended for use on polyester, leather, suede, or wood floors. Nature’s Miracle has other products for these materials.

Here are the ingredients in this formula:

Water, Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid

While this product is a bestseller and has lots of reviews, not all of them are positive. Many people report success but it doesn’t work for everyone. Cat owners and people with dogs with old habits, especially, seem to have more problems. But the product does work for many people.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.


Product Info

  • Weight: 1.286 pounds
  • Lifestage: Puppy
  • Grooming Feature: Tearless, Deodorizing, Soap-Free
Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Natural Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner is Nature's Miracle's bestselling pet shampoo. This formula is a shampoo and conditioner in one.

Available in a 16-ounce, ready-to-use bottle.

This is a soap-free formula that is safe to use with spot-on flea and tick products. It contains no dyes or parabens and it's gentle for sensitive puppy skin.

The tearless formula means it won't irritate your puppy's eyes. This shampoo has 4-in-1 benefits: it neutralizes a wide variety of odors, deordorizes, cleans the skin and coat, and conditions.

This formula is a natural cocoa surfactant shampoo. It provides great cleaning, enhances the softness of your puppy's coat, reduces static electricity in the coat, and keeps your puppy clean longer. It has a fresh spring waters scent. Most people seem to like the scent and give the product good reviews.

Here are the ingredients in this formula:

Water, Plant-Derived Surfactants & Odor Control System, Rinsing and Conditioning Agents, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Preservatives and Salt.

This is not a hypoallergenic formula. Made in the USA.

Our rating for this shampoo is 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Product Info

  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Breed Size: Medium Breeds
  • Food Form: Treats
  • Special Diet: Rawhide-Free
Nature's Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo has bio-enzymatic odor locking technology for permanent and superior odor removal. This is a low-foaming, professional strength formula that is designed to be used with any carpet cleaner. Available in a 64-ounce bottle.

If you have pets and carpets, sooner or later those carpets will need to be cleaned. This carpet cleaning shampoo is a low-foam, phosphate-free formula that breaks down odor molecules and brightens the color of your carpet's fibers.

This shampoo penetrates deep into carpet fibers and upholstery to remove deep set stains. You can use it alone or with your steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. And, it will remove pet allergens.

This carpet shampoo is dye-free.

Here are the ingredients in this formula:

Water, Cleaning Agents (Low-Foaming Surfactants), Bio-Enzymatic Odor Locking Technology, Propylene Glycol, Fragrance.

Test for colorfastness in a small area before using.

This shampoo is not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl, leather upholstery, or 100% cotton upholstery. This product gets mostly good reviews from customers though some people say they don't like the scent.

Our rating for this carpet cleaner is 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Product Info

  • Brand: Nature's Miracle
  • Material Type Free: Phosphate Free
  • Item Weight: 32 Ounces
  • Formulation Type: Regular
  • Specific Uses for Product: Active
Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Additive Laundry Boost is a bio-enzymatic stain and odor remover that you can add to your washing machine, along with your laundry detergent, for superior results. Use it to wash your clothes, linens, and your pet's bedding. Available in a 32-ounce bottle.

This laundry additive penetrates stains and odors to loosen and eliminate them while a phosphate-free cleaning system breaks down urine, blood, vomit, grease, and oil. Keeps your things, your pet's bedding, and everything you wash clean and fresh-smelling.

Many people use it for human odors, even if they don't have pets.

Safe to use in hot and cold water when washing. This laundry boost is high-efficiency washing machine compatible. When working with a HE washing machine use a standard amount of this product.

Here are the ingredients in this formula:

Water, Low-Foaming Surfactants, Bio-Enzymatic Odor Locking Technology, Propylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Fragrance. Zinc Salt is present in the deodorizer.

This product gets very good reviews.

Our rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

How Much Does Nature’s Miracle Cost?

Most Nature’s Miracle products are very modestly priced. Their prices compare favorably to those of other cleaners.

What Do Customers Think of Nature’s Miracle?

Most Nature’s Miracle products get excellent reviews. There are cases where some customers may not like the scent of a product but most people agree that products work, with a few exceptions.

Overall, Is Nature’s Miracle a Good Choice?

Nature’s Miracle products are very highly recommended by many dog owners. We haven’t tried every product but we are happy to recommend the brand overall to remove stains and odors.

Where is Nature’s Miracle Sold?

You can find Nature’s Miracle products at and other online retailers. Their products can also be found at many pet supply stores.

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    I purchase Nature's Miracle cat litter deodorizer and both of my cats refused to use the box and started peeing all over the house

  2. Best Dog Foods For Shedding

    Carlotta Cooper

    Hi Dale, I'm sorry that your cats didn't like the product. Do you think they didn't like the scent or the texture of the litter? I hope you found something that they like better. Please let us know how things go. Carlotta

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