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25 Best Unique Dog Names

Dog Names August 19, 2018


25 Best Unique Dog Names

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When we only see the same types of dogs over and over again, we can easily forget that there is an array of different breeds out in the world.

In that way, when it comes to selecting a specific dog as a pet, we want the rarest or most unique. This is the same when it comes to choosing our names.

There are so many names out there to choose from or think of, it would be downright impossible to list out everything that could be defined as ‘unique.’

In a strange way, even uniqueness in itself can come in dozens. Whatever the case, some of the ones mentioned below are some of the more popular or creative ideas that we thought would be worth considering.

  1. Echo – There is no doubt that this name is definitely something unique to call your pet. It might work well with any dog that might not need to be called several times before it listens.
  2. Potus – Uncertain as to where this name may have originated, it is an interesting moniker to give to your pup. Also, the abbreviation of Potus Means “President of the United States.” So, it could be a nice nod to any dog that has American roots, or for an owner that is quite proud of being American.
  3. Cammie – Considered to be a great choice for many female dog breeds, the name is unique within the female dog name category.
  4. Cash – It would be interesting to name your dog after the paper money. But, there are many people that love to call this unique due to the fact that owners believe their pup is worth a million.
  5. Pink – This could be a great name if you dyed your pet of a pink color. But, more than that, it is perfect for any small pixie breed dogs that have a princess-like attitude.
  6. Gimli – While it may be a reference to the Lord of the Rings series, the name itself is unique and short. This makes it a good choice for any dog owner that wants to give their pup something special.
  7. Vixen – A word that creates intrigue amongst people, this is a great name to give to any adorable dog. It is also an excellent name for a female dog breed. The word itself means female fox.
  8. Gemini – This name might be great for any owner that strongly believes in horoscopes.
  9. Hawk – The name is befitting for any dog that might be perfect for those active, energetic pups that have sight and sound as keen as a hawk.
  10. Affinity – There are many people that love to name their pets something that makes them feel out of this world. The name Affinity gives that sort of feeling, since it sounds similar to infinity, and the word means having a natural liking or attraction to something. This is perfect since you as an owner might feel charmed by the dog’s adorable cuteness.
  11. Mowgli – This is the name of a small boy who was raised by apes in the movie Mowgli. This is an interesting name to give a dog that can adapt well to its surroundings.
  12. Bad Boy – This is a suitable name to give a male dog that likes breaking the rules. This is also a cute name used by humans to refer to a handsome guy who is rough around the edges.
  13. Ali – This is the name of the Mohamed Ali, the world famous boxer. This can make a great name for a tough and well-trained dog like a police dog.
  14. Bitcoin – The name refers to a digital currency. This is an interesting and unique name to give a dog, meaning the dog is of great value to its owner.
  15. Demin – This word refers to a type of jeans. It is a unique and funny name to give a dog, but one that would suit a resilient dog.
  16. Bear – This name suits a fluffy and cuddly dog that looks like a bear.
  17. Banjo – The moniker is a small string instrument that many people use to make country music. This is a unique and sweet name to give any dog that loves music.
  18. Warlock – This refers to a man that practices witchcraft. This is an interesting and weird name to give a dog.
  19. Fantastic – This is definitely a very unique name to give any dog. It gives the dog a sense of prestige and class.
  20. Judge – This would be a great name to give a dog that has great wisdom.
  21. Doom – This word is not exactly a nice name to give to any dog, but makes a unique moniker for a dog that.
  22. Swag – This is an alternative word for cool. You should give it to a dog that is laid back.
  23. Guinness – This is a beer that many people enjoy. It is a highly popular brand. This is a great name for any beer lovers out there.
  24. Blondie – This can be a unique name to give a dog with a yellow or light-brown coat.
  25. Murphy – This is a name that works well with police dogs. This is probably because the name Murphy comes from the movie Robocop.

Final Thoughts

Some owners won’t settle for what’s popular or common, and instead, want to feel that sense of novelty. For that reason, the idea of being unique can bring much more delight and pride as an owner. Therefore, we hope the list of breeds and names above can lead you in the right direction.


Adam first owned a Frenchie when he was 6 years old. Although he was a bit apprehensive to it, he later grew to love dogs, and has since gone onto reading everything about them. When he's not writing he loves watching Netflix while eating huge amounts of ice cream
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