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Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service : NomNomNow vs. Ollie vs. Pet Plate

Dog Food November 2, 2019
food service


Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service : NomNomNow vs. Ollie vs. Pet Plate

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food service

Fresh dog food service doesn’t come cheap, but it is very convenient and is very trendy at the moment. There are now several companies that deliver fresh, prepared dog food right to your door. For many dog owners that is as close to a homemade meal as they can afford, time wise.

Choosing a fresh dog food service can be complicated since there are so many to choose from.

In this review we are focusing on 3 of the most popular fresh dog food services and their pros and cons.

Quick Summary:

The fresh dog food services mentioned in this article offer meals made from real, human-grade ingredients. This is as close as you can get to a home made meal without the wasted time for shopping and preparation. These fresh dog food services provide the most nutrient-rich options you can buy, delivered right to your door.

Our top pick for fresh dog service, goes to NomNomNow. Pricing is reasonable and they offer extra items like dog treats. They also offer more recipe varieties and allow you to mix them up.

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How We Tested

  • We purchased service from the 3 fresh dog food services mentioned in this article
  • We spent several weeks testing each dog food service and their recipes
  • We did not receive these products in exchange for a favorable review, they were purchased with our own money

Quick Look At Our Picks for Best Fresh Dog Food Service:

  1. NomNomNow Top Pick
  2. Ollie Runner Up
  3. Pet Plate

Top Pick

  • Meets AAFCO standards
  • Five recipe choices
  • $15 trial box
Try NomNomNow

Runner Up

  • Meets AAFCO standards
  • Four recipe choices
  • Offers two delivery plans
Try Ollie
Pet Plate
  • Meets AAFCO standards
  • Four recipe choices
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly meal plans
Try Pet Plate

How We Chose The Best Fresh Dog Food Service

Nutritionally Complete – Dog food sold in the U.S. is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Dog food manufacturers are required to properly label their products, and adhere to AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles or follow AAFCO procedures. This is no different for fresh dog food manufacturers.

Ordering Process – Setting up an online profile for your dog should not be rocket science. However it should allow for customization based on health issues, weight, breed and/or age. Being able to customize your dogs meal plan and select the recipes based on a short question and answer form means less headaches in the long run.

Variety of Recipes – Some dogs are picky eaters or can not eat certain recipes. Having the choice to change recipes or serving size is a bonus. The more recipes available and size choices for partial meals or smaller dogs makes a fresh dog food service make it on our list.

Packaging – This is a big deal when your pup is staring at you with those hungry eyes. The box the fresh dog food arrives in, and how cold it is is important, as well as how easy it it to unpack. Also, having to fumble and pull on a food package is not only frustrating but it can be very messy when trying to serve.

Price – Most fresh dog food delivery services are pricey and some more than others. We took this in account as well as the amount of meals each provides for the cost. The bigger the dog, the bigger the bill.

Flexibility of Delivery – Being able to decide when you want your dog food delivered or how much of it, is part of the convenience of the service. Companies that allow you to pause, cancel or change delivery service is something we definitely considered.

Advantages of Fresh Dog Food Service

Fresh dog food delivery services are more expensive than grabbing a bag of dry kibble but, there are so many reasons to try it. Pet parents who have made the switch to fresh food claim better health and well-being as well as:

  • Longer life
  • Shiny coat
  • Improved activity level
  • More energy
  • Improved immune system
  • Fewer vet visits

Besides the health benefits, giving your dog fresh food is personalized and made to order. This means serving sizes are already pre-portioned meals for your dogs size and needs.

Fresh food also means less ingredients and no artificial flavors or dyes. If your dog means that much to you then feeding them human grade food makes sense.

Also the convenience and flexibility of choosing meals, delivery days and pausing and/or cancelling meals, makes last minute runs to the store for dog food a thing of the past.

Some fresh food delivery services allow you to stock up for vacation or have food delivered to another location.

Disadvantages of Fresh Dog Food Service

Cost- Fresh dog food that is made to order, is not cheap. It is a bit more pricey than the kibble you maybe giving your dog now, but again, much healthier. We will look more closely at the costs below.

Refrigerator Storage– Fresh dog food must be refrigerated or frozen, meaning it will be taking up space in your fridge. Most fresh dog food services state the food can be stored up to 2 weeks in the fridge, but any longer will need to be taking up space in your freezer. This can also make travelling with fresh food difficult.

Transition your dog to new foods- When going from kibble to fresh food, it can be a slow process. It may take up to two weeks to transition to fresh dog food by mixing it with kibble while reducing the amount of kibble. Some dogs may take longer because of texture, sensitivity or may not like the recipe. This is where a fresh food service with several recipes can come in handy.

Best Fresh Dog Food Reviewed- NomNomNow vs. Ollie vs. Pet Plate

NomNomNow Dog Food

Available Recipes:

  • Chicken Chow Wow
  • Heartland Beef Mash
  • Tasty Turkey Fare
  • Porkalicious Potluck


  • Free Shipping
  • Pre-portioned servings
  • Veterinary nutritionist designs meals
  • Offers dog treat options


  • Comparatively on the pricey side
  • Must be refrigerated
  • Packets can be difficult to open

Location: Facilities in San Francisco, California and Nashville, Tennessee


NomNomNow’s meals are made with restaurant-quality ingredients, no artificial preservatives or fillers and portions are optimized to provide your dog with the ideal balance for his age, weight, activity level, breed, as well as any known health issues.

The recipes were developed by the company’s Chief Nutrition Officer, board-certified veterinary nutritionist. The unprocessed meals are made in small batches and with whole foods, to retain more nutrients and exceeds AAFCO standards for dog food formulation for all life stages.

NomNomNow asks you to create a profile for your dog and provide their current weight, target weight, birthday and your recipe preference.


The cost ultimately depends on the the desired size of your dog which is determine in the profile. Basically for every pound of pup you enter, the price will go up.

Here is an estimate based on weight:

  • 15 pounds – $32- $39 weekly or $4 -$5 a day
  • 55 pounds – $47-$66 weekly or $6 -$9 a day
  • 95 pounds – $63 -$92 weekly or $9-$13 a day

Delivery Options

The weekly deliveries come with a shipment of 14 meal packs (two meals per day), bi-weekly deliveries come with 28 meals, and monthly deliveries come with 56 meals.

Managing your account is easy and you are able to pause/skip up to their next 4 deliveries in their account.

When your NomNomNow delivery arrives you will find all meal packages neatly organized with rubber bands inside of the box and chilled with dry ice. Your first order will contain a bonus like jerky treats and a booklet on transitioning your dogs food.

If you need to cancel your subscription you will need to contact customer service via email or by phone. You are also able to request extra meals for travel or even have meals delivered to a different address. NomNomNow does offer a sample box, which allows potential customers to receive four meals for only $15.


Your NomNomNow subscription will be determined ultimately by the size of your dog, which is all calculated when you create your dog’s profile.

NomNomNow provides meal choices which include beef, turkey, chicken, and pork recipes. They also offer a variety pack to allow your dog to choose his favorite.

Ollie Dog Food

Available Recipes:

  • Healthy Turkey Feast
  • Hearty Beef Eats
  • Chicken Goodness
  • Tasty Lamb Fare


  • Offers healthy dog treats
  • Different size meals available
  • Free shipping and delivered right to your door
  • Recipes overseen by a vet and are human grade ingredients


  • Price high for full size meals
  • Food comes frozen solid
  • Profile only accounts for allergies not health issues

Location: New York (HQ), Facility in Pennsylvania


Ollie pet food is designed with the help of a veterinary nutritionist to ensure that each recipe is complete and balanced in keeping with Association of American Feed Control Officials requirements for dogs. All of Ollie’s products are free from by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

The sign up process begins with a series of questions about everything from your dogs breed, if he has been spayed or neutered, his activity level, allergies and even the type of food he is currently eating.


Price depends on the size of your dog and meals selected. It is calculated by how much food they need based on the exact number of calories they need to consume daily, which dictates your subscription cost but shipping is free.

Based on a fairly active and healthy 4 year old dog, your cost would be approximately:

  • 15 pounds – $28 – $32 weekly or $4 – $5 a day
  • 55 pounds – $59 – $66 weekly or $9 – $10 a day
  • 95 pounds – $96 – $106 weekly or $14 – $15 a day

Delivery Options

Ollie has only two main delivery plans. The “All Ollie” meal plan means you receive 14 trays delivered every two weeks and the second plan, “Mostly Ollie” is meant to supplement your dog’s meals with 28 smaller packs of food delivered every four weeks. If at any time you need to pause, skip, or cancel your orders, you can log into your account and do so. You can also update your dog’s profile at any time in the event there is changes in weight, activity level or even to try different meal flavors.

Ollie pet food is shipped in a white cardboard box with plenty of recyclable padding and dry ice to keep the food very cold. Each package is vacuum sealed for freshness and frozen. Ollie recipes come in plastic packets that are fairly easy to open by peeling back the top of the packet and dropping the food into your dogs dish.


Ollie’s website calculates a meal plan specifically for your dog and provides their meal recommendation, in addition to other recommendations for your dog.

Ollie offers four dog food recipes, chicken, beef, lamb and turkey and they plan to expand their offerings to include cat food products in the future.

Pet Plate Dog Food

Available Recipes:

  • Barkin’ Beef
  • Tail Waggin Turkey
  • Chompin Chicken
  • Lip Licken’ Lamb


  • Meals are pre-portioned and in recyclable containers
  • Offers full meal or topper plan
  • You can mix and match all 4 recipes
  • Free shipping


  • Price on the high side as compared to other fresh dog foods
  • Containers take up a lot of space in the freezer/fridge
  • Profile does not ask about health issues or body type

Location: New York (HQ), NY United States 1412 Broadway


PetPlate Dog Food delivers high-quality, human-grade pet food selected through a subscription plan that takes into account your dog’s weight and age. Their meals currently feature four different flavors and are made from natural ingredients.

Each meal comes full of healthy foods like broccoli, squash, carrots, peas, and a blend of vitamins and minerals while being formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. PetPlate is also grain and gluten-free to aid in allergy relief.

You can get started with a 14-day meal plan, specifically designed for your dog in 3 easy steps.


The cost of Pet Plate will depend on your dog’s size just like the other fresh dog food services. All plans are tailor-made and customized for your dogs specific needs. Therefore, there is no standard price for the subscription model, as it depends on a few factors, like your dogs age, size, weight, etc.

Here is an estimate of what you may pay based on your dogs size:

  • 15 pounds – $18 – $33 weekly or $3 – $6 a day
  • 55 pounds – $40 – $56 weekly or $7 – $9 a day
  • 95 pounds – $63 – $91 weekly or $13 – $19 a day

Delivery Options

You can choose from different meal plan subscriptions like weekly, monthly, or yearly, which is also factored in to pricing. You will receive automatic shipments of your dog’s pre-portioned containers according the shipment schedule associated with their meal plan. You can always pause or skip an order if you will be away. Pet Plate also guarantees customers that if your dog’s bowl is not licked clean, you will receive 100% of your money back on your first order.

The meal plan you select will arrive in frozen in pre-portioned plastic and labelled containers. The box is packed with dry ice and in an insulated liner to keep the food very cold. You can store the containers in your freezer (for 18 months), and keep food to serve your dog in the refrigerator to defrost for up to one week.

Pet Plate uses recyclable containers with a resealable lid. The containers are also microwave friendly, in case your dog is picky about eating cold food.


When you become a Pet Plate customer you first answer a few questions to customize your plan. They will ask for your dog’s age, weight and eating preferences and then they recommend the right plan.

Pet Plate currently offers four different recipes that include protein sources of beef, chicken, turkey and lamb. They also provide customers the convenience of a “topper plan”, for owners who want to combine fresh meals with their current dog food.

Bottom Line

All three of the above mentioned fresh dog food delivery services are great and each one has their strong points. Each offers free shipping, gluten/grain free meals and meet AAFCO standards.

If we had to pick one fresh dog service, it would be NomNomNow. Pricing is reasonable and they offer extra items like dog treats. They also offer more recipe varieties and allow you to mix them up.

Ollie is also great for dog treats and they have the option of “Mostly Ollie” as an add on meal to your dogs current food. Pet Plate also offers a topper plan.

If you are on the fence about fresh dog food or have a picky eater, Pet Plate does offer 100% refund on your first order if your dog is not satisfied.

Due to the price of these fresh dog food services you maybe hesitant, but you do not have to go with 100% of the meal from these services. Some offer topper plans or half meals to add to your pups current, and less expensive, kibble.


Amy Brown is a lifelong animal enthusiast who enjoys writing about dogs and rescuing them. She writes for various pet related websites, including her own,
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