How To Sell Puppies Online (25+ Tips & Tricks)

Resources March 16, 2024
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How To Sell Puppies Online (25+ Tips & Tricks)

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How To Sell Puppies Online

If you are trying to learn more about selling a puppy but are unsure how or where to start, then you have come to the right place. In the past, finding a place and method to sell puppies online was not so simple, but because of the internet, things have changed.

When thinking about selling puppies online, you will want to find the right platform to advertise. You can try to use one source, or sell on several. If you are interested in learning more about how to sell your puppies online, follow along in this article to learn the tips and tricks to being successful.

Is It Legal to Sell Puppies?

It is indeed legal to sell a puppy, or even an entire litter of puppies, online. However, in the U.S., there are certain states that have regulations asking professional dog breeders to sign up for a commercial breeding license.

This usually requires providing information on the number of puppies sold or the number of breeding bitches a breeder owns or has owned for the year.

The Best Platforms To Sell Puppies

How To Sell Puppies Online

There are several puppy websites that allow dog breeders to sign up with minimal fees and even some no-cost methods. These platforms are great for breeders who do not run their own websites.

These sites make it easy to sign up, fill out their online forms, upload photos or videos, set your prices, and showcase your puppies online.

Here are a few examples:

1. Social Media

There are many social media platforms out there, like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and others. You can use any of these to sell your puppies, and many people make a full-time business out of it using these networks. These types of sites make it easy to share with others and network.

2. American Kennel Club (

If you are an AKC breeder, you can use the AKC Marketplace to sell your puppies. This will allow potential buyers to know you are 100% authentic and a reliable breeder. These facts bring a lot of peace of mind to people in the puppy market, as far as ensuring the health and legitimacy of their purchase.


Whether you have one puppy to sell or are a professional breeder, you can use this as a way to get your ad out in the local community. You are guaranteed to make contact with a larger number of individuals serious about finding your ad. It is free to list your ad and free for potential buyers to make contact.


Puppyfind, founded by Edward Goldberg in 2006, is a popular website for selling and buying puppies in the United States and the UK. With a buyer contact fee of $5.99 to $14.99 and a subscription fee of $19.99 to $29.99, it has become one of the most popular dog-selling sites in the US.


VIP Puppies is for reputable sellers and breeders who are committed to their puppy’s well-being. These sellers and breeders are ready to answer any questions buyers may have about their puppy, both before and after their purchase. To use this service as a seller, it will cost you $14.95 a month.


Puppy Finder is dedicated exclusively to finding puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in one place. The goal of is to provide breeders, private sellers, and rescue organizations with true worldwide exposure by connecting them with dog lovers around the world. They offer trial periods and other membership choices for sellers.


The Puppy Spot is authorized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and provides buyers with the best and healthiest dogs. PuppySpot has a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills or substandard breeding of any kind. screened and vetted by our compliance team. You will need to meet certain requirements and be approved before using this site.


Next Day Pets is an American dog selling and buying site. It was launched in 2003 and is continuing to grow daily. In many ways, the platform is quite similar to Puppy Spot, mentioned above. It is a reliable site that puts the safety of the dogs above all else.

Other Methods To Promote The Sale Of Puppies

  • Put up flyers at feed supply stores and pet stores.
  • Pin up fliers on the bulletin board at local veterinarians.
  • Advertise in a local newspaper or magazine.
  • Putting up a kennel at dog parks is a great way of selling puppies and meeting dog lovers.

What to Look for in A Potential Buyer?

  • Ask about the home and check to see if he has a fenced yard, so that the puppies can be safe.
  • Find out if his landlord allows him to have pets on the premises if he doesn’t own his home.
  • Ask if he can pay for the veterinary and grooming expenses.
  • What other pets does he own now? Breeds? How many?
  • How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?
  • Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
  • Why does he want this puppy or breed specifically?

What to Include in Your Ad?

Your ad should have a catchy title and a description that gives your reader enough information and convinces them you are not operating a puppy mill.

Always highlight the pups’ best qualities and include some good photos of your puppies. Write out some bullet points that explain your basic information, and use fonts that are easy to read as well as attention-grabbing, yet professional.


Be thorough, but also be short and concise. You want to answer as many potential questions as possible with minimal word usage. Not everyone will want to read a lengthy passage.

People have short attention spans. So, simply stick to the important points, being detailed but not overwhelming.

A Short and Catchy Title

Never underestimate the importance of a good title. It needs to be brief, grab the reader’s attention, and have enough details to encourage someone to read further. I

t’s important to include the breed of the dog to get a buyer’s attention. Use keywords such as “discover” and “now available” so the reader knows this is a special opportunity they ought to take advantage of.

The Puppies Age, Sex, Coat and Breed

First things first, the first line must give away the dog’s basic information while staying clear and descriptive without taking 5 lines to describe what these are.

The breed is an important point, so make sure to inform the reader if your dogs are purebred or mixed.

The coat of each puppy available should be made available so the reader can already start his decision-making process.

The Puppies Temperament

This is how you start creating a more personal link with the prospect by providing insights on the pup’s temperament, so they can understand how this puppy fits into their home.

If you have other animals or children, make sure you let the reader know how the animal behaves around them.

The Puppies Health

It is as important to describe the health conditions and state what common health conditions the pup has had or is having. Most dog breeds have hereditary and genetic conditions that are easy to find using DNA tests. If you have done those, you should give the results on the ad.

Worming and other vet consultations should also be explained so your potential customers know what the puppies have been through. Always explain whether or not your puppies have had treatment or will need to visit the vet post-adoption.

Your Contact Information

This also has to be short and concise. Writing your name, and giving your last name are better, as well as your phone number and your email address. Specify your preferred means of contact, and that’s it. Simple and efficient.

Puppy Registration And Pedigree

In each country, different organizations officially register and certify your dog as a purebred and confirm some specific abilities for the registered dog. (American Kennel Club, International Sheep Dog Society, etc.) These add huge value to your pups and speak of the quality found in your bloodline. Listing these details helps clients understand your prices, if they are high.

The same goes for your dog’s pedigree and bloodline; if the parents or grandparents have won competitions, specify them. Add some pictures of the mother and father to show the direction taken by the puppies when they are growing.

Setting The Price

You may want to start with the supply and demand for puppies and the particular breed you are offering. Next, consider the sum of all expenses and divide them by the number of puppies in the litter. That is the starting price for each puppy, but some changes can be made depending on the puppy’s uniqueness, for example.

Understand that this price is what they should normally sell for, so you will not incur a loss. Normally, the market may decide differently and drag your price down. But if you have built a great reputation, your price and profit can go up from there.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into selling puppies, and it’s more than a simple transaction. A good breeder always puts each puppy’s welfare first rather than the profit of a sale. Buyers often see the price tag as proof of quality when they look for good puppies.

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