Top 35 Dog Blogs You Should Be Reading

March 25, 2024
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Top 35 Dog Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Top 35 Dog Blogs

The rise of pet bloggers offers a platform for sharing information, chatting, and meeting up for dog walks, social events, and training.

This article aims to identify the most helpful and trustworthy dog blogs, covering topics such as dog happiness, health, puppy adoption, and exercise for senior dogs.

1. Puppy Leaks

This blog is the ultimate blog for dog lovers. It talks about different tips and tricks to handle puppies. Furthermore, it helps you to understand your puppy’s psychology. It also teaches you how to handle their mood and train them. For example, there is a post on how to relieve your dog’s boredom. This, as a result, serves as different ways to understand your pet more.

2. Life with Dogs

This is a blog that gives information on dogs, ways of entertaining them, and reviews of different dog products. This is a page where real passionate dog lovers should go, as there is a wide discussion about canines. Therefore, the more you know, the closer you get to understanding your pet.

3. iHeartDogs

This blog is an ultimate learning place for your dog’s health. It helps give you a solution for many health issues. Therefore, through this page, you can understand how to judge your dog’s health while also learning about home remedies to keep the diseases away.

4. AdoptaPet

This might be America’s most significant non-profit adoption site for cats and dogs. Not only does it give information on thousands of private and open public pet shelters, but it also provides talks about important matters for taking care of a pet. Therefore, this place is best for any owner who wants to adopt a pet.  

5. The Wildest

The Wildest: the destination that helps you keep your cool in the wild world of pet parenting. Think of this as your own, personal animal kingdom. Maybe you’ve got three Great Danes. Maybe you’re about to adopt your first kitten. Maybe reading this is a reminder that you forgot to feed your goldfish again. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help you and your pet at every step.

6. The Whole Dog Journal

This blog will give you information about different kinds of dog’s food, dog’s toys, and accessories. Furthermore, it will help give you a positive outlook on training. Some owners dread this part of owning a dog since it requires a lot of time and effort. However, this website makes it out easy for owners to follow.

7. Modern Dog

This blog has a collection of dog’s clothing, beds, toys & gear, training, wellness, dog rescue, DIYs, recipes and lots more. It serves as a ‘lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions.’ Moreover, there is a lot of information that can help you treat your pet better.

8. Two French Bulldogs

If you love Frenchies, you should definitely stop by this blog. This awesome site is the hub for all French bulldog related dog topics you can think of. Two French Bulldogs Blog is definitely a great spot on the list.

9. Dog Shaming

This blog is quite interesting since it is where people share interesting stories of their pets. As the name of the website implies, it is all about shaming one another’s dogs. For that reason, this builds a funny community of rants.

10. Dog Milk

This is a modern blog with various elements. Not only is there a discussion related to dog games, styling, clothes, and modern accessories, but there is also a ton of information on canines. As a result, many pets can get a lot of information on these pets.

11. Handicapped Pets

This blog is one of the most resourceful websites for discussing handicapped dogs. It helps people learn more about what they could do for any hound that fits into this category, as well as tips on raising senior canines and disabled cats

12. DogIDs

This is a personalized blog that provides information on dog collars, training tools, toys, treats, and many other accessories. It has other dog-related information from training and care.

13. Ruffwear

This site has a blog with the purpose of shaping dog performance by reinforcing and encouraging rustic adventure. They encourage outdoor games more than indoor ones. It is a great website for people to get information on how to increase their dog’s overall physical health.

14. Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Blog for Dogs

This blog provides owners with information, tips and natural remedies for different animal care needs. Therefore, it is a great resource for pets to know more about how to help cure their pets of certain ailments.

15. Heads Up for Tails

This blog provides information on amazing luxury pet accessories. They also provide different kind of gadgets, remedies, supplements, etc. Furthermore, it is a great place to learn how to spoil your pet if need be.

16. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

This website is about a celebrity dog named Crusoe. This blog talks about the Dachshund’s lifestyle, style, experiences, adventures, and many more. More than anything, it is worth giving other pets and owners a look into some ways you can take care of the pet.

17. Fidose of Reality

This is a style magazine that informs and educates owners on dog health issues. There is an option for other users to answer any queries related to dog health, style, care, training, and much more. Therefore, it is a great place to build a community.

18. My Brown Newfies

This is a personal blog that discusses two Newfoundland dogs named Sherman and Leroy. She talks about different dog issues based on her experience. It may be great for any owner with Newfoundland hounds. Even if that is not the case, it is great to listen to her stories.

19. Leader Dogs

This is an amazing blog for a website that aims to support blind dogs with different mobilizing gadgets. The blog itself offers information on how to train their blind dogs, as well as their owners. Therefore, any owner with a disabled pet should come here.

20. Outdoor Dogs Blog

The Outdoor Dogs Blog was created to share life with dogs, enjoy outdoor activities, travel together, and use new dog gear. It was created for Cross Peak Products and provides useful information about raising your canine, including dog training tips and advice for everyday life. The blog also features articles about the best dog products, pet product reviews, guides on dog gear, and general dog news.

21. Dog Owner

The blog offers reviews and buyers guides for dog’s toys, bedding, training aids and much more Furthermore, they review a number of dog insurance companies based in the UK.

22. For The Love Of Paws

This website is great for sharing experiences. It is a forum for you to read and learn more about similar dog owners. Furthermore, it is a place for you to find out information about how to take care of your pet from other pet owners.

23. Smart Dog University

This blog is a behavior training university for dogs. They train dogs so that they listen to you. Furthermore, it helps inform owners on best practices for training your pet. It also is a great resource for learning how to teach your dog tricks.  

24. Rubicon Days

Not all pups are friendly, so for those that are quite challenging, this blog is the best place to go. You can gain tips and tricks on how to tame your pet properly. Furthermore, it covers a lot of subject areas, from reward-based training, caring for street dogs to home pet welfare.

25. Dog Diary

A highly versatile family pet blog. It includes all sorts of cool information on our furry friends. Typically, it includes pet tips, news on contests, and significant cost-saving information. This information will consequently help you make your dog healthy and happy.

26. Dogster

At Dogster, the website aims to help dog fans find relevant information on dog training. There is also information on home remedies and other interesting facts. Moreover, there are a lot of great do-it-yourself tips for cooking.

27. Blog

This might be America’s most significant non-profit adoption site for cats and dogs. It gives information on thousands of private and open public pet shelters. The website also provides information for readers on important matters.

28. Vetstreet

Based in America, Vetstreet gives veterinarian-approved family pet health information. It also offers complete professional advice on available kitten breeds. Moreover, you will find facts on the latest dog or cat reports and pet training.

29. DogTipper

If you’re currently looking for tips on how to choose dog products, DogTipper is the place. The website gives you information on how to improve your knowledge. Furthermore, it gives a variety of information related to dogs.

30. The Contemporary Pet

Whether its information on how to support local animal shelters or knowing the important facts on taking care of your pet, this is the place. The Contemporary Pet is definitely a great spot for helpful dog and cat information.

31. Carma Poodale

This website is really awesome. Led by Carma, a medical alert service dog with a real talent for writing, the site is packed with Poodale friendly information, which is super useful new Poodale caregivers.

32. Good News For Pets

This particular family pet blog changes the way you think about your pet. It covers everything. For example, it even talks about satisfactory veterinary health care. Moreover, there is information on how to look after your pet and select the best-quality dog or cat products

33. Pretty Fluffy

Pretty Fluffy is a popular lifestyle destination for dog lovers, offering designer dog brands, treat recipes, training tips, and DIY projects. The team collaborates with top brands, pet photographers, and industry experts to provide original, style-centric content. Since its inception, Pretty Fluffy has been featured in publications like Modern Dog Magazine, Cesars Way, and Dogs Life Magazine, making it a go-to destination for discerning dog owners.

34. That Mutt 

That Mutt is a user-friendly dog training resource for active dog owners. It offers a simple, accessible approach to dog training, covering topics such as puppy potty, obedience, anxiety, crate, leash, and socializing. Topics covered include dog exercise, puppy training, and raw diet feeding.

35. The Dog People

Part of, this blog connects dog and cat parents with loving pet sitters and walkers across the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. The app and website empower the community of trusted pet sitters and walkers to run their own pet care services, providing them with the tools and security of a global company.

Final Thoughts

In caring for our beloved dogs, we must all learn from the finest. There are plenty of dog blogs on the internet, but these are some of our favorites. Follow these great dog blogs on the internet to make your life with dogs easier and more enjoyable. Let us know if we missed one of your favorite dog blogs in the comments below!

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